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Tecan Tips, 20 to 1000μL

1. Volume: 20μL,50μL,200μL, 1000μL;

2. Made of conductive polypropylene;

3. Produced in the 100,000 class cleaning room sterilization and without chemical residue.

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Descriptions of  Tecan tips 1000uL:

Hawach polypropylene conductive tips are equal to Tecan conductive tips. We supply full sizes, like Tecan tips 1000uL, etc. And the tips are produced in accordance with strict quality and reproducibility standards to ensure reliable liquid handling performance.


  1. The same as Hamilton tips have disposable sample needles of a variety of specifications that are well-designed and well-manufactured.
  2. In a clean workshop, using significantly advanced production technology and integration.
  3. And the quality control program for all of the products is automated to complete the production.
  4. Each sample needle undergoes an online optical inspection to view all functional parts to make sure of consistent pipetting accuracy and precision.
  5. Made of conductive polypropylene and Tecan pipette tip can be often used for capacitive liquid level detection.
  6. And free of DNA, RNA, protease, and pyrogens.
  7. The sterile grade is the highest cleanliness disposable tip, suitable for immune detection, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical research and development, and other commonly used high-throughput pipetting needs.
  8. (20μL-1000μL )Tecan tips 1000ul are generally sterilized by electron beam safely and fastly and without chemical residue.
  9. And with high technology, the Tecan automation tips have been carefully designed and verified to make sure that all of the smooth inner surfaces of the 20μL-1000μL conductive tips, greatly reduce the liquid residue.
  10. Tecan conductive tips are often used in the most advanced production technology and procedures, and even for high-quality raw materials, and integrated quality control.

Hawach also has other pipette tips, divided into sterile pipette tips, filter pipette tips, and more.

Order information

Conductive Tips Fit for Tecan Genesis Freedom®, Freedom Evo®, and Miniprep with Liha® Workstations
TCT-2020μLN96pcs/rack, 24racks/Carton
TCT-20-FN5*96pcs/rack, 12racks/Carton
TCT-5050μLN96pcs/rack, 24racks/Carton
TCT-50-FN5*96pcs/rack, 12racks/Carton
TCT-200200μLN96pcs/rack, 24racks/Carton
TCT-200-FN5*96pcs/rack, 12racks/Carton
TCT-10001000μLN96pcs/rack, 16racks/Carton
TCT-1000-FN5*96pcs/rack, 8racks/Carton
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