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TC Treated Culture Dish

1. 4 diameter sizes are available: 35, 60, 100, 150mm;

2. Culture area:9.2cm2,26cm2,55.8cm2,141.8cm2;

3. All culture dishes are gamma radiation sterilized and tissue culture treated.

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Cell culture dishes in Hawach are TC-treated and sterilized. And full sizes are available, like 35, 60, 100, and 150mm. TC treated culture dish means that the inner surface of the dish is treated with chemicals to make the cells easier to grow on the wall, and easy for most animal cells to be attached to a solid interface to grow.


Classification of  Hawach TC treated culture dish:

  • The full name of TC is Tissue culture treatment, TC treatment means that the vessel has undergone surface modification treatment.
  • And 4 diameter sizes are available: 35, 60, 100, 150mm.
  • 2 classifications of cell culture dishes: TC treated and non-TC treated

Features of TC-treated culture dish:

  1. Only through the hydrophilic solid-phase interface can the cells attach, but a 35mm cell culture dish and other sizes of cell culture dishes can also achieve it due to TC surface treatment.
  2. The cell culture dishes 100 mm, 150mm, and other sites that grow in suspension do not necessarily need such specially treated utensils. However, cell culture dishes, etc. after surface modification are generally suitable for suspension cell culture.
  3. TC treated culture dish used for Cell and other biological tissue culture and also suitable for bacteria detection
  4. And with the function of the absorbent pad, TC treated culture dish is suitable for microbial identification and detection
  5. Size 35-150mm, like cell culture dishes 100 mm, 60 mm cell culture dish, is conducive to better adsorption growth and morphological expansion of cells. has good light permeability, good strength, and plasticity.
  6. And 35mm cell culture dish including other sizes, like a 150mm cell culture dish, has become the material of choice for disposable cell culture consumables.

The cell culture series laboratory appliance also includes a polystyrene cell culture plate, which is without DNase, RNase, or pyrogen.


Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/
Carton size
CD-35-TC35mm Cell culture dish, tissue culture treated, culture area 9.2cm2, sterilized10pcs*100bags/carton4.534*21.28.5
CD-60-TC60mm Cell culture dish, tissue culture treated, culture area 26cm2, sterilized10pcs*60bags/carton7.5343.8*36.7*35.9
CD-100-TC100mm Cell culture dish, tissue culture treated, culture area 55.8cm2, sterilized10pcs*30bags/carton8.2859.4*49.7*23.4
CD-150-TC150mm Cell culture dish, tissue culture treated culture area 141.8cm2, sterilized5pcs*20bags/carton8.3881.6*34.8*29
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