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Sterile Pasteur Pipettes

1. Sizes: 1mL, 2mL, 3mL, 5mL, 10mL;

2. color: Transparent and bright white;

3. EO sterilized, DNase/RNase free;

4. Made of a transparent polymer material-LDPE.

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Descriptions of Hawach Sterile Pasteur pipette sterile:

The Sterile plastic Pasteur pipette is available in 1 ml, 2mL, 3mL, 5mL, and 10mL. The pipette is smooth and transparent, can reduce the adhesion of liquids, has good elasticity, facilitates pipetting, and has accurate scales.

Features of plastic Pasteur pipette sterile:

  1. The sterile Pasteur pipettes are transparent and bright white, and the liquid flow of the tube wall is ideal and easy to control.
  2. Can be used in a liquid nitrogen environment
  3. Small tips ensure the repeatability of drop volumes
  4. The sterile Pasteur pipettes end can be liquid-sealed, which is convenient for liquid carrying
  5. Gamma-ray sterilization
  6. Made of transparent polymer material, it is used for absorbing, transferring, or carrying a small amount of liquid.
  7. The tube body is slender and flexible, easy to enter and exit micro or special containers; carry liquids.


  • Pasteur pipettes are widely used in genetics, medicine, epidemic prevention, clinical, genetic, biochemical, petrochemical, military, and other fields, and are disposable consumables in laboratories.
  • Absorb, transfer or carry small amounts of fluids for cell tests, clinical tests, cloning tests, etc.
  • It is an indispensable experimental consumable in laboratories, food research, medicine, and other industries.
  • Plastic Pasteur pipette sterile can be used in a liquid nitrogen environment;

Use instructions:

  1. When using a plastic dropper, pinch the top with your fingers to drive out the air in the dropper, then put the dropper into the reagent bottle, release your finger, and the reagent will be inhaled.
  2. After taking the liquid, the dropper should keep the big belly at the top, do not lay it flat or upside down, to prevent the solution from flowing back and corroding the rubber head.
  3. When adding liquid dropwise, it should be suspended above the beaker, and do not touch the wall of the beaker, so as not to contaminate the dropper or cause contamination of the reagents.
  4. Do not put the dropper on the test bench or other places to avoid contaminating the dropper.
  5. The used dropper should be rinsed with clean water immediately for reuse.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to use the unwashed dropper to absorb other reagents (the dropper on the dropper bottle should not be rinsed with water).

Hawach also contains disposable Pasteur pipette, and other consumables, like cell culture plate, which all of our products with gamma-ray sterilization.


Pasteur Pipettes – Sterile
Item NO.DescriptionSterile PackageWeight(kg)Carton Size
DTP-01S1mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 145mmEO sterilized, DNase/RNase free100pcs * 100 bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-02S2mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 150mm100pcs * 100 bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-03S3mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 160mm100pcs * 100 bags/carton15.562*61*45
DTP-05S5mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 205mm50pcs * 100 bags/carton1459*43*55
DTP-10S10mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 315mm100pcs * 25 bags/carton1472*41*58.4
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