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PH Health Test Strips

1. Application: Vaginal pH test strips, urine pH test strips, pH Test Strips for saliva;

2. Packing: 20 strips/bottle.

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Hawach pH health test strips are used to test the pH of the liquid. And vaginal pH test strips and urine pH test strips belong to pH health test strips. The strips are used in medical examinations such as human urine, vaginal secretions, or pregnant women’s amniotic fluid.

There are three indicators on the pH health test strips: methyl red, bromocresol green, and thymol blue, which will change color according to a certain rule in solutions with different pH values.

Features of Hawach pH health test strips:

  1. The test results are more accurate due to the subdivided colorimetric card.
  2. Widely used in environmental analysis and process control in industrial production.
  3. Roll the test paper on a reel to ensure that the test paper is not affected by the external environment and deteriorates.
  4. Avoiding the interference of humidity, light, air, and other factors, so that the test paper has a longer retention period.
  5. It will not penetrate and diffuse into the sample so that the test strip can not contaminate the tested substance during the test.
  6. Quality assurance: universal pH test paper strips and pH health test strips are certified by the standard for inspection and calibration.
  7. Vaginal pH test strips can help women detect the pH value in the vagina. The pH of the vagina can be routinely checked by testing the vaginal discharge.
  8. Urine pH test strips, in which the reaction principle of pH is based on the pH indicator method. And need it can be important data when combined with other clinical data for analysis.

Hawach also provides other lab consumables: single-channel pipette and non-sterile pipette tips, which ensures our product has consistently high quality.

Ordering information

PictureModel #DescriptionPackPks/CartonCarton SizeGross Weight/ Carton (KG)Net Weight/ Carton (KG)
 Health Test stripes in bottles1TSS5580-0.2Bsingle color+PVC pH Test Strips for saliva 5.5-8.0(range 0.2)20 strips/bottle30039.5*38.5*34CM2322
1TSU5080-0.5Bsingle color+PVC pH Test Strips for urine 5.0-8.0(range 0.5)
1TSV-Bsingle color+PVC pH Test Strips for vaginal secretion(3 stages)
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