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Non-Sterile Pipette Tips

1. Pack: Bulk Package;

2. Size:10µL, 200µL, 300µL, 1000µL,etc;

3. No pyrogen, no endotoxin, no cytotoxicity;

4. Suitable for pipetting of various brands.

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Descriptions of non-sterile pipette tips:

Non-sterile pipette tips are high-quality laboratory plastic products, and pipetting products. And Hawach company offers all sizes, like 10μL, and 200μL. Every tip with the functions of special low-retention,non-sterile, low adsorption, and saving samples and reagents.

Sizes of non-sterile pipette tips:

  • The non-sterile pipette tips are used in conjunction with a pipette and can be used for the accurate transfer of a small amount of liquid.
  • And the specifications of the non-sterile pipette tips are 10ul pipette tips, 200μL pipette tips, 300μL pipette tips, 1000μL pipette tips, 5000μL pipette tips, and more.

Features of Hawach non-sterile pipette tips:

  1. Temperature tolerance: no deformation after high temperature and high-pressure sterilization
  2. And tube body scale ring design and unique long mouth design bring a more accurate pipetting experience
  3. The unique thin-walled nozzle technology of non-sterile low retention pipette tips makes the workstation suction adapter and the suction head have better sealing and adaptability
  4. In addition, using USP-Class standard polystyrene raw materials, and 100,000-grade clean workshop production
  5. Effectively avoid cross-contamination between samples caused by aerosol
  6. And the products are produced under the strict implementation of the quality management system.
  7. No pyrogen, no endotoxin, no cytotoxicity
  8. Usually suitable for pipetting various brands
  9. And the particular process design decreases the happening of liquid hanging on the wall, and the treatment of liquid is fast and accurate
  10. A flexible and soft tip cone ensures better sealing and no leakage.

Non-sterile 10μL pipette tips(including other capacities) are low retention pipette tips and have new low adsorption, and can ensure the maximum amount of sample recovery and can prevent protein absorption.

PackModel NO.SizeDescriptionpcs/G.W.(kg)Carton Size (cm)
Bulk PackageT-10-D10ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
T-10-D-L10ul long Standard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
T-20-D20ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-100-D100ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-200-D200ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-300-D300ul/200ul longStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-1000-D1000ulStandard tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
T-1250-D1250ul/1000ul longStandard tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
TF-10-D10ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TF-10-D-L10ul long Filter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TF-20-D20ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-100-D100ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-200-D200ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-300-D300ul/200ul longFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-1000-D1000ulFilter tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
TF-1250-D1250ul/1000ul longFilter tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
TL-10-D10ullow adsorption Tips  1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TL-10-D-L10ul long low adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TL-20-D20ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-100-D100ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-200-D200ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-300-D300ul/200ul longlow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-1000-D1000ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
TL-1250-D1250ul/1000ul longlow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
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