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Non-Filtered Pipette Tips

1. Size:10ul,20ul,100ul,etc;

2. Pack: Bulk Package, Rack Package, Stack Package;

3. Material: Made of 100% polypropylene raw materials;

4. All free of RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP, and endotoxin contamination.

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Hawach non-filtered pipette tips are made of 100% polypropylene raw materials and provided sizes:100µL, 200µL, 5000μL, and more. And the tips are in a fully clean room with cleanliness of 100,000, which have high transparency and flexibility to ensure accurate liquid dispensing.

Size of Hawach non-filtered pipette tips:

  • All sizes are available: pipette tips 100µl, pipette tips 200 μL, 5000 ul pipette tips, etc.
  • And pipette tips 200 μL ( also including other volumes )are suitable for all kinds of pipettes.

Features of non-filtered pipette tips:

  1. Non-filtered pipette tips hold the tips firmly and form a complete seal and  no matter what kind of operation it will not loosen
  2. And each product has passed rigorous testing and is consistent of good quality;
  3. The tip (10ul-5000ul ), like 5000 ul pipette tips, is optimized to ensure good performance and application.
  4. And usually used for pipetting, liquid separation, mixing, and extraction and removal of supernatant from filling orifice plates and reaction tubes.
  5. Each non-filtered pipette tip is designed with low retention to ensure the highest sample recovery and quality
  6. With the certification, products are all free of RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP, and endotoxin contamination
  7. In addition, ensuring the accuracy and maximum recovery of the sample liquid
  8. In order to ensure absolute purity,non-filtered pipette tips have no additives or dyes used.
  9. Furthermore, eliminate all external sources of pollution, and the tip loading and unloading force is reduced to the highest level to ensure that each sample is securely sealed.

Filtered pipette tips and non-sterile pipette tips are also contained in Hawach, which are certified, products all free of RNase, DNase, and DNA.

PackModel NO.SizeDescriptionpcs/G.W.(kg)Carton Size (cm)
Bulk PackageT-10-D10ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
T-10-D-L10ul long Standard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
T-20-D20ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-100-D100ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-200-D200ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-300-D300ul/200ul longStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
T-1000-D1000ulStandard tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
T-1250-D1250ul/1000ul longStandard tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
TL-10-D10ullow adsorption Tips  1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TL-10-D-L10ul long low adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TL-20-D20ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-100-D100ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-200-D200ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-300-D300ul/200ul longlow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000762*32*32
TL-1000-D1000ullow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
TL-1250-D1250ul/1000ul longlow adsorption Tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
Rack PackageT-10-HS10ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton4800750*35*29
T-10-HS-L10ul long Sterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton4800750*35*29
T-20-HS20ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-100-HS100ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-200-HS200ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-300-HS300ul/200ul longSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-1000-HS1000ulSterile tips 100pcs*50boxes/carton50001360*52*29
T-1250-HS1250ul/1000ul longSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48001460*49*28
TL-10-HS10ulSterile low adsorption  Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton4800750*35*29
TL-10-HS-L10ul long Sterile low adsorption  Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton4800750*35*29
TL-20-HS20ulSterile low adsorption  Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TL-100-HS100ulSterile low adsorption  Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TL-200-HS200ulSterile low adsorption  Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TL-300-HS300ul/200ul longSterile low adsorption  Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TL-1000-HS1000ulSterile low adsorption  Tips 100pcs*50racks/carton50001360*52*29
TL-1250-HS1250ul/1000ul longSterile low adsorption  Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48001460*49*28
Stack PackageT-10-RHS10ulSterile tips 96pcs*50stacks/carton48001445.5*24*26.5
T-200-RHS200ulSterile tips 96pcs*50stacks/carton48001845*29*26.5
T-1250-RHS1250ul/1000ul longSterile tips 96pcs*50stacks/carton48002843*28*27
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