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Microcentrifuge Tubes

1. Volume:1.5 mL and 2 mL;

2. Material: Polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes;

3. Pyrogen-free, DNase-free, and RNase-free.

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Hawach microcentrifuge tubes are laboratory consumables, which are made of Polypropylene. And the sizes are have:1.5mL and 2mL.Hawach microcentrifuge tubes are also known as EP tubes, used in conjunction with a microcentrifuge to separate trace reagents.

Features of Hawach microcentrifuge tube:

  1. 2ml microcentrifuge tubes, which have resistant to chemical corrosion and low temperature.
  2. Polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes are used in conjunction with a microcentrifuge.
  3. And most of the products are used in molecular biology, clinical chemistry, research of biochemistry, and more.
  4. 5 ml microcentrifuge tube cover can be opened and closed easily with one hand and is even easy to operate.
  5. Add mold release agents, plasticizers, and antibacterial agents, and do not hold any heavy metal ions.
  6. Easily meet the analytical level standards requirements;
  7. All sizes: 2ml microcentrifuge tubes and 5 ml microcentrifuge tubes have a temperature tolerance 
  8.  And -80°C to +121°C temperature range, and it is no deformation.
  9. Choose high-quality raw materials, and the tube wall is super clear and easy to observe in a short time.
  10. The surface of the pipe cover and part of the pipe body is frosted for easy marking.
  11. With ϒ irradiation sterilization or clean non-sterilization
  12. Pyrogen-free, DNase-free, and RNase-free are available for purchase.
  13. Sterile microcentrifuge tubes with high-strength non-toxic materials are used, and all the raw materials comply with USP VI requirement

Applications of  microcentrifuge tubes:

  • The same as centrifuge bottles and  50mL centrifuge tubes are used for bacteria, fruit flies, plant tissues, animal tissues, cultured cells, suspension cells (cells collected by flow cytometry), etc experimental.
  • Sterile microcentrifuge tube is adapted to all customers: PCR laboratories or hospital laboratories, universities, pharmaceuticals, factories, reagents, manufacturers, disease control centers, inspection, and quarantine.

Technical parameter

Model NO.VolumePackingpcs/cartonG.W.(kg)Carton Size(cm)
MCT-1501.5mL500pcs*10boxes/carton(V/U bottom to choose)50007.070*25*34
MCT-2002mL500pcs*10boxes/carton(V/U bottom to choose)50007.070*25*34
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