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Hamilton Tips

1. Volume:50μL,300μL,1000μL;

2. Made of chemically resistant virgin polypropylene

3. Non-pyrogenic, non-endotoxin, DNase, and RNase-free.

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Hawach conductive tips are comparable to the Hamilton series and are made of chemically resistant virgin polypropylene with excellent clarity, a smooth surface, and good air tightness. And we have all sizes, like Hamilton 300ul tips.

Features of Hawach Hamilton tip:

  1. While fully meeting the requirements of product accuracy and repeatability, ensure product compatibility
  2. A certain number of sampling inspections are carried out for each batch, and precise and unique measuring tools are used for testing to ensure that the Hamilton tip has uniform electrical conductivity.
  3. Hawach conductive tips are comparable to the Hamilton tip, which are all being produced in strict accordance with standards.
  4. And all Hamilton tips, like 300μL, and 1000μL tips have unique ultra-fine grinding and molding technology, no mold release agent is required, and fewer sample residues
  5. Mature injection molding technology and independent mold design technology ensure the superiority of product performance.
  6. And the particular thin-walled nozzle technology lets the workstation suction adapter and the suction head get good sealing and adaptability.
  7. Volume: 20μL -1000μL tips using advanced production technology and integration in a clean workshop
  8. The different process technology make sure that the suction head has a smooth inner surface, which can decrease the amount of liquid residue
  9. In addition, the quality control program is automated and completed, and all functional parts are checked to ensure consistent pipetting accuracy and precision.
  10. Use a precision detector to check the airtightness between the suction head and the adapter, ensuring that each batch of products has good airtightness.

Applications of Hamilton tips:

  • Hamilton tips and Tecan tips can be used in genomics, proteomics, cytotoxic, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical fields,
  • And used as well for detection, high-content screening, and microbiological-related applications.

Hawach also has other pipette tips, divided into sterile pipette tips, filter pipette tips, and more.

Order information

HCT-5050μL50μL Conductive Tips for Hamilton STAR®, STAR, STARlet, STARplus and Nimbus® workstationsN96pcs/rack,
HCT-300300μL300μL Conductive Tips for Hamilton STAR®, STAR, STARlet, MICROLAB®, STARplus, and Nimbus® workstationN96pcs/rack,
HCT-10001000μL1000μL Conductive Tips for Hamilton STAR®, STARlet, STARplus, and Nimbus® workstationN96pcs/rack,
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