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Filtered Pipette Tips

1. Size:10ul,20ul,100ul,200ul,etc:

2. Pack: Bulk Package, Rack Package;

3. Material: Made of virgin PP with high transparency;

4. Wide chemical resistance which has strong hydrophobicity.

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Hawach filtered pipette tips are made of virgin PP. And the sizes we have: 300μL, 1000μL pipette tip, and more. The tips with high transparency, wide chemical resistance, and also have strong hydrophobicity.

Features of Hawach filtered pipette tip:

  1. The filtered pipette tip is a plastic pipette tip, which avoid the sample from entering the pipette and gives rise to damage to the pipette during pipetting.
  2. And the sizes: (10ul- 5000μL), like 200ul filtered pipette tips and filtered pipette tips 1000ul,  which help reduce the possibility of smoke formation, and prevent aerosol contamination.
  3. There is a protective structure between the pipette and the sample to ensure the safety of sample aspiration.
  4. And decrease the risk of gas residue in the gun body during the process of the pipette and advance the repeatability of the experiment.
  5. 200ul filtered pipette tips and filtered pipette tips 1000ul (include other sizes ) all provide low-adsorption filter tips, which will not pollute the sample.
  6. In addition, a filtered pipette tip can perfectly block aerosols and prevent fluid and liquid vapor from polluting the interior of the pipette gun.


  • Usually used to isolate the virus in the sample during the virus detection process, it will not cause the virus to be transmitted through the pipette;
  • And suited to all molecular biology applications that are sensitive to contamination, the filter barrier prevents the sample from being taken away from the pipette, thereby preventing PCR contamination;
  • In addition, is ideal for PCR amplification applications and pipetting of radioactive and aerosol samples.

Non-filtered pipette tips and non-sterile pipette tips are also available in Hawach, which are made of virgin PP with high transparency.

Ordering Information

PackModel NO.SizeDescriptionpcs/G.W.(kg)Carton Size (cm)
Bulk PackageTF-10-D10ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TF-10-D-L10ul long Filter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000344*26*19
TF-20-D20ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-100-D100ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-200-D200ulFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-300-D300ul/200ul longFilter tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton20000760*32*30
TF-1000-D1000ulFilter tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
TF-1250-D1250ul/1000ul longFilter tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton5000670*25*34
Rack PackageTF-10-HS10ulSterile filter tips 96pcs*50racks/carton4800750*35*29
TF-10-HS-L10ul long Sterile filter tips 96pcs*50racks/carton4800750*35*29
TF-20-HS20ulSterile filter tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TF-100-HS100ulSterile filter tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TF-200-HS200ulSterile filter tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TF-300-HS300ul/200ul longSterile filter tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TF-1000-HS1000ulSterile filter tips 100pcs*50racks/carton50001360*52*29
TF-1250-HS1250ul/1000ul longSterile filter tips 96pcs*50racks/carton480014.560*49*28
TFL-10-HS10ulSterile low adsorption  filter Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton4800750*35*29
TFL-10-HS-L10ul long Sterile low adsorption  filter Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton4800750*35*29
TFL-20-HS20ulSterile low adsorption  filter Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TFL-100-HS100ulSterile low adsorption  filter Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TFL-200-HS200ulSterile low adsorption  filter Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TFL-300-HS300ul/200ul longSterile low adsorption  filter Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton48008.549*40*28
TFL-1000-HS1000ulSterile low adsorption  filter Tips 100pcs*50racks/carton50001360*52*29
TFL-1250-HS1250ul/1000ul longSterile low adsorption  filter Tips 96pcs*50racks/carton480014.560*49*28
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