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Electronic Pipettes

1. Volume ranges: 0.5μ-10μL;5-50μL;30-300μL;100-1000μL;

2. Lightweight, balanced design, comfortable operation, and no fatigue.

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Hawach Electronic pipettes are divided volume into 0.5μL to 1000μL, and with high precision and accuracy, intuitive to operate. The handle and control button size design is just right, suitable for various hand sizes.

The Volume of Electronic Pipette

Divide single-channel electronic pipette into four-volume ranges : 0.5-10μL,30-300μL,etc. Like the 10ul pipette and other volumes, all pipettes with high precision and accuracy ensure the accuracy and parallelism of pipetting.

Features of Hawach electronic pipettes:

  1. A single-channel electronic pipette also has low noise and high efficiency, which can accelerate the speed of large-volume pipetting.
  2. Calibrated according to standard, with good pipetting repeatability.
  3. And components that can be autoclaved and multiple modes of pipetting.
  4. The pipetting volume and the speed of pipetting and discharging can be adjusted to ensure high precision and repeatability of pipetting.
  5. And the pipetting parameters are adjustable to adapt to different experimental environments and pipetting needs.
  6. Lightweight, balanced design, comfortable operation, and no fatigue.
  7. The liquid level in the tube is easy to control.
  8. And the pipette adapter and filter bracket can be autoclaved.
  9. According to your requirements, the entire pipette can be autoclaved to ensure the elimination of contamination.
  10. In addition, not only lightweight and comfortable, but also sure that be used for precise, safe, and fatigue-free pipetting operations.
  11. Volume ranges: (from 0.5μL to 1000μL), like a 10ul pipette, which has a powerful programming function that allows you to easily complete the pipetting steps.

Single-channel pipettes and 12 channel multichannel pipettes are also available in Hawach, which also have high precision and accuracy to ensure the accuracy and parallelism of pipetting.


Electronic Control Digital Pipette-Epipette
Volume (μL)Increment (μL)Test Volume (μL)Inaccuracyimprecision
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