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Disposable Pasteur Pipettes

1. Sizes: 1mL, 2mL,3ml, 5mL, 10mL;

2. Polyethylene (LDPE) materials;

3. Disposable;

4. Non-Sterile, DNase/RNase free.

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Descriptions of Hawach disposable pasteur pipettes:

Disposable Pasteur pipettes are made of high-quality low-density polyethylene (LDPE) materials, and the sizes are available in 1mL, 2mL, etc. The pipettes have good precision, which is often for suction, transfer, or closed carrying of small.

Features of disposable pasteur pipettes:

  1. All kinds of capacity specifications are optional:1mL, 2mL, 3ml, 5mL , 10mL pasteur pipets.
  2. The tube body is translucent and bright white, the fluidity of the tube wall is ideal, and the controllability is strong
  3. Available in a liquid nitrogen environment
  4. The Pasteur pipets are thin and soft, they can be bent, and it is convenient to get in and out of micro or special containers
  5. A small tip ensures the repeatability of the drop volume
  6. Tube ends can be heat-sealed for easy carrying of liquids
  7. All products, like disposable plastic Pasteur pipettes with gamma-ray sterilization and non-sterile sterilization, are optional
  8. The surface tension is optimized, and the fluidity of the liquid is more robust and easier to operate.
  9. Good transparency is easy to observe.
  10. Disposable plastic Pasteur pipettes have a certain toughness and can be bent within a certain angle range, which is beneficial to enter the micro or special-shaped container for liquid extraction and liquid addition operations.
  11. Excellent elasticity, not easy to break, suitable for quick pipetting.
  12. Easy to use, precise and reliable, EO sterilized.


  •  It is widely used in genetics, medicine, epidemic prevention, clinical, genetics, biochemistry, petrochemical, military, and other fields.
  • Applicable to petrochemical, pharmaceutical synthesis, biological research, teaching and scientific research, and other fields, unsuitable for diagnosis and treatment.

Hawach also contains sterile Pasteur pipettes, and other consumables, like cell culture dish, which all of our products with gamma-ray sterilization.


Disposable Pasteur Pipettes – Non-Sterile
Item NO.DescriptionSterile PackageWeight(kg)Carton Size
DTP-011mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 145mmNon-Sterile, DNase/RNase free100pcs * 100 bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-022mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 150mm100pcs * 100 bags/carton13.873*44*50
DTP-033mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 160mm100pcs * 100 bags/carton15.562*61*45
DTP-055mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 205mm50pcs * 100 bags/carton1459*43*55
DTP-1010mL LDPE Transfer Pipette, length 315mm100pcs * 25 bags/carton1472*41*58.4
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