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Centrifuge Bottles

1. Volume:250mL,500mL;

2. Packing:6pcs*17bags/carton,8pcs*5bags/carton;

3. High-strength semi-permeable polypropylene material;

4. No pyrogen, no RNase and DNase, and no DNA;

5. Suitable for standard centrifuges.

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Hawach centrifuge bottles can be divided into 250 ml and 500ml, which the quality with USP Class-VI standards, and are sterile. Using high-strength semi-permeable polypropylene material, Hawach centrifuge bottles also with good chemical resistance.

Features of Hawach centrifuge bottles:

  1. The same as microcentrifuge tubes and 50mL centrifuge tubes have highly pure material, in line with USP Class-VI standards, sterile, pyrogen-free, DNase, RNase, and DNA-free
  2. 250 ml centrifuge bottles have high transparency to ensure that the sample or sediment is clearly visible, tightly sealed, and has centrifugal stability to ensure the safety of the user’s use process.
  3. And with a clear scale, universal sizes are suitable for standard centrifuges;
  4. No pyrogen, no RNase and DNase, no DNA;
  5. Reduce centrifugal cycles, improve your laboratory efficiency and increase productivity.
  6. The design of 500ml centrifuge bottles, which the jar facilitates liquid handling and the bottle wall is thick and durable
  7. Improved design shoulder, pouring liquid more smoothly, can withstand the higher centrifugal force;
  8. The high-speed centrifuge bottles wall is smooth and easy to clean, effectively reducing the shear force on the cells;
  9. And meet the analytical level standards requirements, and with Clear graduations with marking area available;
  10. Equipped screw caps and highly polished interior material, so often used for maximum sample recovery in many experiments.

Application of centrifuge bottle:

  • Most of them are suitable for large-scale cell collection, granulation and protein purification, large-volume cell, supernatant, bacteria, yeast, and tissue sample separation, harvesting, etc.
  • And high-speed centrifuge bottles meet the requirements of biological analysis and are widely used in the field of life sciences and clinical trials and other operations

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