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96 Well PCR Plate

1. 2 diameter sizes are available: 0.1mL/0.2mL;

2. Types:semi-skirt,no-skirt;

3. Color: transparent, white;

4. Made of polypropylene and free from DNAse, RNAse, or pyrogen.

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Hawach 96 well PCR plates are made of polypropylene and the types:semi-skirt, and no-skirt, which are free from RNAse, or pyrogen and heat transfer efficiency. And the plates are suitable for automatic operation and most mainstream-brand PCR machines.

Real-time PCR 96 well plate has been optimized in many aspects, which provides high accuracy, and uniformity, and even effectively avoids possible sample contamination.

Features of Hawach 96 well PCR plates:

  • RT PCR 96 well plate can effectively make sure that the temperature uniformity between holes
  • And withstand high temperatures without deformation, and no DNA and RNase, and even with the high heat transfer performance
  • 3 diameter sizes are available in our company: 40uL/0.1mL/0.2mL, which has excellent cell adhesion.
  • The thickness is uniform, and the bottom of the 96-well PCR plate is flat and clean.
  • And there is no distortion, which makes the quantitative analysis more accurate.
  • The toothed ring design on the side is often easy to hold and reduces pollution.
  • Improving the flatness, and even increasing the adsorption of the inner wall of the PCR plate.
  • All of the RT PCR 96 well plates have a smooth and firm surface, which is hard to deform
  • And the specially designed cover facilitates gas exchange.
  • Good stability between pipes and inside pipes
  • And 96-well PCR plate is made of polypropylene, which can make a sure low liquid loss;

96 well PCR plate, 24 deep well plates, and 384 well PCR plate is mainly used in high-precision biology, medicine, chemistry, and laboratories.

Parameters for PCR plate

TypeItem NO.Descriptionpcs/cartonCarton G/W (kg)Carton dimension (cm)
96 well PCR platePCR-02-96-HST0.2mL, semi-skirt, transparent50229*26*15
PCR-02-96-T0.2mL, no-skirt, transparent50229*26*15
PCR-02-96-W0.2mL, no-skirt, white50229*26*15
PCR-01-96-T0.1mL, no–skirt, transparent501.529*26*15
PCR-01-96-W0.1mL, no–skirt, white501.529*26*15
PCR-02-96-HSTP0.2mL, semi-skirt, transparent, printing50229*26*15
PCR-02-96-TP0.2mL, no–skirt, transparent, printing50229*26*15
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