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96 Well Elisa Plates

1. Colors: white and black 96-well;

2. Made of high-quality polystyrene (PS) material

3. Binding: High, Medium;

4. Application: Colorimetric detection, Luminescence detection, Fluorescence detection.

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Descriptions of 96 well Elisa plate:

96-well Elisa plate is made of high-quality polystyrene with high clarity. Each hole in the Elisa plates is marked with letters and numbers for easy identification. And the plates are often used as a safe, stable, and reliable experimental carrier for ELISA detection.

Features of Hawach 96 well Elisa plate:

  1. Made of high-quality polystyrene (PS) material
  2. The number of holes is 96 wells
  3. And flat-bottom microplate, suitable for detection in a microplate reader
  4. High and medium binding strength with uniform thickness, uniform aperture size, and no distortion at the bottom
  5. The transmittance of the Elisa 96 well plate is more than 90% and with alphanumeric labels for easy experimentation
  6. In addition, production handling and packaging in a cleanroom and product size specification conform to ANSI/SBS standard
  7. Two colors to choose from: white and black 96-well removable microtiter plates.
  8. Each hole of 96 black Elisa plates is locked in the frame at the same height to prevent getting stuck in the machine.
  9. And the hole edge design of 96 black Elisa plates can prevent cross-contamination, and the alphanumeric marking is convenient for experiments.
  10. The slats are transparent, smooth, and flat, and there is no welding line at the bottom of the hole.
  11. Convenient handling: The fixing of single holes is as convenient as the fixing of slats. The frame can be put in or removed without special tools.
  12. And Elisa 96 well plate has a reasonable design, is easy to hold and put, and is convenient to use in automated workstations.


  • Scope of application: suitable for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, cell culture analysis, immunization, identification of transgenic products, clinical medical diagnosis, hemagglutination test analysis, etc.
  • Play a key role in the purity, concentration, and proportion of antigens, antibodies, labeled antibodies, or antigens involved in immunological reactions.
  • And effect many conditions such as the type, concentration, and ionic strength of buffers, pH value, and reaction temperature and time.

96 well PCR plate and 384 well PCR plate is also available in Hawach, which are mainly used in high-precision biology, medicine, chemistry, and laboratories


Item NO.BindingStripesLinerApplicationPackGW/cartonCarton size
H-EP-8CWHighDetachable 8 well clear stripesWhite linerColorimetric detection200pcs/carton11 45*28*30
H-EP-8WWHighLuminescence detection
H-EP-8BWHighFluorescence detection
H-EP-12CWHighDetachable 12 well clear stripesColorimetric detection
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