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96 Well Cell Culture Plate

1. Plasma treatment, polystyrene material;

2. Sterilized by gamma rays, no pyrogen;

3. Non-skid design for easy stacking-up.

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Hawach 96 well cell culture plates are made with a  process imported optically transparent pure polystyrene and are sterilized by gamma rays to make the cells reach the best adsorption state.

Features of Hawach 96 well plate cell cultures:

  1. 96 well plate cell culture is a round hole flat bottom, which has a highly effective culture area of each hole, and high the recommended amount of culture medium.
  2. All cell culture plates, like 96 well culture plates and 24 well cell culture plates are made of imported high-quality polystyrene (PS) material.
  3. And produced using ultra-precision molds and fully automated production processes.
  4. The 96 cell culture plates have vents to facilitate gas and temperature exchange
  5. The bottom of the 96 well culture plate is very flat, reducing the production of the meniscus and high transparency materials, ensuring good microscopic examination results
  6. In addition, unified packaging facilitates stacking.
  7. The surface is optimized to make the cells adhere well.
  8. Sterilized by Gamma-ray irradiation, no pyrogen
  9. And reliable vacuum plasma TC treatment to ensure the consistency between holes and holes, plate and plate
  10. Deep hole design can control pollution, reduce evaporation and minimize edge effects
  11. And standard TC treats the polystyrene cell growth surface to enhance cell adhesion.

 96 well plate cell cultures can promote the growth and reproduction of primary cells: such as nerve cell passage cells, animal and human cells such as tumor cells

12 well cell culture plates and 6 well cell culture plates are also contained, which are widely used in many universities, scientific research institutions, and bioengineering companies at home and abroad.


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CP-96cell culture plate, 96 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*65bags/carton5.5056*30*20
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