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6 Well Cell Culture Plate

1. Made of high-quality USP Class VI polystyrene with high transparency;

2. Plasma treatment;

3. Produced in 100,000 class cleanroom.

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Descriptions of 6 well plate:

Hawach 6 well plate cell culture is made of high-quality polystyrene with high transparency, which is free from DNase, RNase, and special surface treatment. And adhesion effect of the plates is better and more even to help promote healthy cell growth and make your research reliable.


  1. The 6 well tissue culture plate is lighter than the internationally advanced product
  2. And has a thinner bottom surface so that it has better light transmittance during observation.
  3. The flatness of the bottom surface of the 6 well plate cell culture is no ghosting phenomenon.
  4. In addition, there are small bosses around the bottom surface to avoid noise when moving.
  5. Formal quality inspection report to ensure the smallest batch-to-batch difference.
  6. And ensure that the pyrogen of each batch of products is qualified and the consistency of the surface treatment effect, that is, the consistency of the cell adhesion effect.
  7. All sizes, like 6 well cell culture and 48 well cell culture plates, which the product quality is stable
  8. And there are detailed operating procedures in all aspects to ensure the high quality and consistency of the products.
  9. 6 well plate cell culture has TC treatment, which promotes cell adhesion and Uniform cell volume ensures the same growth volume.

All of the cell culture plates, like the 6-well tissue culture plate and 12 well cell culture plates, are high-quality USP Class VI polystyrene with high transparency as raw material and are used for scientific research,  suspension cells, adherent cells, cell culture, and more.


Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/carton
Carton size
CP-6cell culture plate, 6 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*50bags/carton4.0056*30*30
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