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384 Well PCR Plate

1. Transparent, white

3. Produced in a 100,000-class clean workshop;

4. And has a very thin tube wall and uniform wall thickness.

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Hawach 384 well PCR plate has a very thin tube wall and is produced in a 100,000 class clean workshop with polypropylene material. And the plate also has reliable performance and excellent quality enabling heat transfer and reducing variability.

Features of Hawach 384 well PCR plate:

  1. Real-time PCR 384 well plates are using imported high-purity medical-grade polypropylene as a raw material;
  2. And produced in a 100,000-level clean workshop, PCR 384 well plates, which are DNase-free, RNase-free, protease-free, and pyrogen-free
  3. A full set of high-end automated production lines to achieve good batch-to-batch uniformity and complete traceability of products;
  4. PCR 384 well plate has a very thin tube wall, and uniform wall thickness, showing better light transmittance and thermal conductivity;
  5. And with ultra-low adsorption, to ensure the accuracy of the experimental system.
  6. Unique design insulates the surrounding air to help ensure the uniformity of temperature between holes
  7. To effectively guarantee the tightness and prevent cross-contamination design well the convex edge of the tapered tube
  8. In addition, the raised edge design around each hole can fix the seal and guard to prevent evaporation
  9. Use the original packaging plastic material, no thermal analysis of the product, no endotoxin;
  10. And compatible with the most commonly used thermal cyclers and most automated laboratory instruments
  11. PP material, ultra-thin wall, better heat transfer efficiency


  1. Widely used in genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine, and biochemical experiments.
  2. And used in gene isolation, cloning, accounting sequence analysis, and basic research and disease diagnosis

Real-time PCR 384 well plates,96 well PCR plates, and polypropylene PCR tubes can better adapt to repeated high and low-temperature settings in the PCR reaction process and can achieve high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization.

Parameters for 384 Well PCR plate

TypeItem NO.Descriptionpcs/cartonCarton G/W (kg)Carton dimension (cm)
384 PCR platePCRP004T-38440ul 384pores skirted PCR plates with mark, transparent, Black letter, 10pcs*10boxes/carton1003.047*29.5*21
PCRP004W-38440ul 384pores skirted PCR plates with mark, white, Black letter, 10pcs*10boxes/carton1003.047*29.5*21
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