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25mL and 50mL Serological Pipettes

1. Sizes: 25mL and 50mL;

2. High transparency and with material 100% polystyrene

3. Smooth and clean surface for easy identification and least liquid adhesion.

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Hawach serological pipette with welded tip is high transparency. And all sizes of the serological pipette: 50 mL and 25mL, are made with material 100% polystyrene. Suitable for the absorption of most liquids such as viscous liquids, and for measuring a certain volume of liquid and vacuum suction, etc.

As a serological pipette manufacturer, the same as 50 mL and 25mL serological pipettes, 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL serological pipette design can also be adapted to all brands of pipettes on the market to be used to accurately measure or transfer a certain volume of liquid.

Features of 25mL and 50mL serological pipettes:

  • The head/nozzle is designed with welding tips, which can be an option for Gamma or EO sterilization
  • And scale lines in different colors and Double-sided scale mark
  • In addition, like other products in our company 8 channel pipette, the serological pipette also with no DNase, no RNase, or no pyrogen, can prevent samples from being contaminated.
  • And 25mL and 50mL serological pipettes are manufactured in a clean production workshop of 100,000 grades.
  • The quality management system controls and manages the entire production process to ensure product quality
  • In addition, minimize the adhesion of liquid to the pipe wall and improve the accuracy of sampling
  • And with a clearly and concisely scale, extra capacity in negative scale, and convenient  absorption and  reading for the  liquid
  • Furthermore, every serological pipette with welded tip is strictly tested for integrity
  • And different sizes in different colors, like 25mL serological pipettes, are all to scale lines for easy identification


Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/ carton (kg)Carton size (cm)
TP-25(S1)Serological Transfer Pipettes, 25mL, red loop, φ14.4 *341.8 mm, welded tip, individual paper-plastic pack in bags25pcs*8 bags/carton3.441*30*51
TP-50(S1)Serological Transfer Pipettes, 50mL, purple loop, φ17.7*360mm, welded tip, individual paper-plastic pack in bags25pcs*4 bags/carton2.541*30*51
S1-TP-25BSerological Pipettes 25mL, red loop, φ15*344mm, welded tip, net weight 13.2g, individual paper-plastic pack in boxes50pcs*4 boxes/carton3.841.5*37*25.2
S1-TP-50BSerological Pipettes 50mL, purple loop, φ18*360mm, welded tip, net weight 17.5g, individual paper-plastic pack in boxes50pcs*4 boxes/carton4.341.5*37*25.2
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