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24 Well Cell Culture Plate

1. Made of polystyrene;

2. Plasma treatment;

3. Produced in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop environment;

4. No pyrogen and ɣ Radiation sterilization.

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Hawach 24 well cell culture plate is made of polystyrene materials and produced in a class 100,000 dust-free workshop environment. And the plates are sterilized by gamma-ray irradiation, without DNA enzyme, RNA enzyme, heat source, and endotoxin.

24 well-low attachment cell culture plates conform to the ergonomic design and are easy to operate; The non-slip side design is easy to hold and reduces the contact area, which can minimize pollution during the cell culture process.

Features of 24 Well Cell Culture Plate:

  1. Well Design: The 24 well cell culture plate is designed with 24 individual wells, each with a specific size and shape to accommodate cell growth and proliferation.
  2. High-Quality Material: The cell culture plate is made from high-quality, medical-grade polystyrene material that is non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, and free from contaminants, ensuring optimal cell growth and viability.
  3. Sterile Packaging: The cell culture plate is sterilized and packaged in a sterile environment to prevent contamination and maintain the integrity of the cells being cultured.
  4. Clear and Transparent: The wells of the cell culture plate are clear and transparent, allowing for easy visualization and monitoring of cell growth under a microscope.
  5. Consistent Well Size and Shape: The wells in the 24 well cell culture plate are consistent in size and shape, allowing for uniform cell seeding and distribution, which is critical for reproducibility in cell-based experiments.
  6. Flat Bottom Design: The cell culture plate has a flat bottom design, ensuring even distribution of cells and uniform growth across the well surface, which is essential for obtaining reliable and consistent results.
  7. Multiple Well Markings: The 24 well cell culture plate is marked with alphanumeric codes on the sides of the wells for easy identification and tracking of different samples or treatments.
  8. Suitable for Various Cell Types: The cell culture plate is suitable for culturing a wide range of cell types, including adherent cells, suspension cells, primary cells, and immortalized cell lines, making it versatile for various research applications.
  9. Compatible with Standard Equipment: The cell culture plate is compatible with standard cell culture equipment, such as incubators, microscopes, and automated liquid handling systems, making it easy to incorporate into existing laboratory workflows.
  10. Easy to Use and Stackable: The 24 well cell culture plate is designed for ease of use, with a convenient size that allows for easy handling and stacking to save space in the laboratory.
  11. Sterile Lid: The cell culture plate comes with a sterile lid that provides a protective barrier against contamination and evaporation, ensuring the integrity of the cell culture during long-term experiments.
  12. Quality Control: The cell culture plate is manufactured according to strict quality control standards, ensuring consistent performance and reproducibility in cell-based experiments.

In summary, the 24 well cell culture plate is a high-quality, sterile, and convenient tool for researchers to culture and study cells in a controlled environment, with features such as clear wells, flat bottom design, well markings, and compatibility with standard equipment, making it an essential component in cell-based research and experimentation.

6 well cell culture plates and 96 well plate cell cultures are also available, which are made of high-quality polystyrene and produced in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop.


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CP-24cell culture plate, 24 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*50bags/carton5.0056*30*20
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