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24 Deep Well Plate

1. Shape of the bottom: U-shaped and V-shaped;

2. Volume:10mL,15mL;

3. Material USP polypropylene PP;

4. DNA/RNA-free, and pyrogen-free.

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Description of 24 deep well plate:

Hawach 24 deep well plate is v/u bottom and the volume is 10mL,15mL. The material is USP polypropylene (PP) with transparent color and is certified by compliant SBS standards.

CLassified :

24 well deep well plateBottom type Well shape

V shape bottom

U shape bottom

cone shape well

round shape well

  • Classified the types deep-well, 24-well plates have two types: round well type and cone well type.
  • And according to the shape of the bottom, there are mainly two types: deep well plate u bottom and deep well plate v bottom.


  1. 24 well-deep well plate and 96 deep well plates are made of high-purity polypropylene material
  2. And the thickness is uniform, and the upper part of the orifice plate is flat and uniform, which is convenient for sealing
  3. High chemical stability, like 24 deep well plate cell culture, which can be sterilized, suitable for multi-channel pipettes and automated equipment
  4. And make sure that the flat surface has steady stacking and good sealing between plates and magnetic bar covers.

Application of 24 deep well plate cell culture:

  • Suitable for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions, and other laboratory solutions;
  • Suitable for all of the nucleic acid extraction experiments, etc.;
  • In addition, used for identification systems, HTS, motherboard sampling and storage, mechanical sampling, and automatic pipetting systems;
  • And suitable for biological fields, such as PCR, RIA, EIA, and cell culture, as well as DNA detection, etc.

And we also have other consumables: 96 well PCR plates, etc, which have good chemical stability.

Item NO.SpecificationDescriptionPackage
260530015024 deep well plate with cone bottom (V shape bottom) 10mL5pcs/bag*10bags/carton
260530055024 deep well plate with round bottom (U shape bottom) 10mL5pcs/bag*10bags/carton
260530035024 deep well plate with cone bottom (V shape bottom) 15mL2pcs/bag*25bags/carton
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