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15mL and 50mL Centrifuge Tubes

1. Volume:15mL, 50mL;

2. Packing: Bag Packaging, Shelf Packaging;

3. Made of high-quality materials – polypropylene;

4. High centrifugal stability and sterile and pollution-free.

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Hawach 15mL and 50mL high-performance centrifuge tubes are made of high-quality polypropylene materials and have good quality to meet the basic requirements of the experiment. And Hawach company also provides good quality to ensure the safety of samples and users.

Features of Hawach 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes:

  1. The tubes of centrifuge tubes 50 ml body are made of high-quality materials – polypropylene (PP);
  2. No plasticizers, lubricants, and antibacterial additives are added during the production process, to ensure that the finished product is highly pure;
  3. And the sealing performance is good. And after a strict leakage test, no air leakage, no deformation, no tube burst, safe and reliable;
  4. The inner and outer surfaces are smooth, uniform in color, and sterilized by irradiation;
  5. All 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes were sterilized by E-Beam and packed in 100,000 class clean-room.
  6. Without DNase, no RNase, no pyrogen (no endotoxin), to ensure the integrity of the reaction sample, no pollution, no denaturation;
  7. Temperature tolerance guarantee: no deformation after high-temperature sterilization;
  8. Sterilized by irradiation, corrosion resistance and prevents the samples from volatilization or leakage;
  9. In addition, with high centrifugal stability and sterile and pollution-free;
  10. And precise size can be adapted to centrifuge rotors and mixers of various brands.

Applications of 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes:

All sizes, like centrifuge tubes 50 mL, can be applied including the processing, storage, and transportation of various samples and reagents, as well as centrifugation, mixing, incubation, cell culture, etc.

Hawach centrifuge tubes, including 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes, centrifuge bottles(250mL, 500mL), and microcentrifuge tubes(1.5mL, 2mL).

Technical parameter

Bag Packaging
CT-15-SD15mLSterilized 25pcs*20bags/carton5005.051*21*31
CT-50-SD50mLSterilized 25pcs*20bags/carton5008.557*43*35
Shelf Packaging
CT-15-SB15mLSterilized 25pcs*20shelves/carton5004.551*21*31
CT-50-SB50mLSterilized 25pcs*20shelves/carton5008.557*43*35
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