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12 Well Cell Culture Plate

1. Made of high-quality polystyrene;

2. Plasma treatment;

3. Produced in a 100,000-grade dust-free workshop, sterilized by gamma rays, and pyrogen-free;

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12 well cell culture plate is one of the high-quality consumables of Hawach, referred to as a 12-well culture plate. And the plate is made of pure polystyrene and produced in a 10,000-level dust-free workshop. It has excellent cell adhesion and is mainly suitable for the cultivation of adherent cells.

Features of 12 well cell culture plate

  1. Well-organized layout: The 12 well cell culture plate features 12 evenly spaced wells that are organized in a 3×4 grid, allowing for easy and efficient cell culture experiments.
  2. Optimal well size: Each well has a capacity of approximately 2 mL, providing ample space for cell growth, media exchange, and various cell-based assays.
  3. High-quality material: The cell culture plate is made from high-quality, optically clear polystyrene material that is free from detectable DNase, RNase, and endotoxins, ensuring excellent cell viability and optimal experimental results.
  4. Sterile packaging: The cell culture plate is supplied in a sterile packaging to prevent contamination and ensure aseptic cell culture conditions.
  5. Uniform surface treatment: The surface of the culture plate is treated to ensure consistent and uniform cell attachment, spreading, and growth, promoting optimal cell adhesion and proliferation.
  6. Easy-to-read well labeling: Each well is clearly labeled with alphanumeric markings, facilitating easy identification and tracking of specific cell cultures or experimental conditions.
  7. Compatible with standard equipment: The 12 well cell culture plate is designed to be compatible with standard cell culture equipment, such as pipettes, multichannel pipettes, and automated liquid handling systems, allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows.
  8. Stackable design: The culture plate is designed with a stackable feature, allowing for efficient storage and space-saving in the laboratory.
  9. Versatile use: The cell culture plate is suitable for a wide range of cell culture applications, including cell growth, maintenance, differentiation, and various cell-based assays, making it a versatile tool for cell biology research.
  10. Convenient handling: The culture plate is designed with raised rims and grip handles on the sides, making it easy to handle and transport during cell culture manipulations.
  11. Reliable performance: The 12 well cell culture plate is manufactured under strict quality control standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for reproducible results in cell culture experiments.
  12. Cost-effective: The culture plate provides a cost-effective solution for cell culture experiments with 12 wells per plate, making it suitable for both small-scale and high-throughput cell culture applications.

In summary, the 12 Well Cell Culture Plate offers well-organized layout, optimal well size, high-quality material, sterile packaging, uniform surface treatment, easy-to-read well labeling, compatibility with standard equipment, stackable design, versatile use, convenient handling, reliable performance, and cost-effectiveness, making it a reliable and essential tool for cell culture research in the laboratory.

48 well cell culture plates and  96 well plate cell culture are also available, which are made of high-quality polystyrene to provide the environment for life research and practice.


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