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0.2 mL Single PCR Tubes

1. Made of polypropylene;

2. Flat cap and suitable for most PCR experiments, easy to operate, and with good sealing as well;

3.No DNase, RNase, DNA, endotoxin, PCR inhibitors, and heat sources pollution.

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Hawach 0.2mL PCR tubes (single) are made of polypropylene. And the tube has a thin wall and uniform thickness to ensure good heat conduction.

Feature of 0.2 mL PCR tubes:

  • 2mL PCR tubes with flat caps are suitable for the experiment of keeping the temperature overnight and reducing the evaporation of the reaction solution
  • Ultra-thin tube wall, extremely fast temperature transfer, and high temperature and high-pressure resistance
  • And the flat and clean transparent cover, which all the products can be used for real-time fluorescence quantitative experiments (qPCR)
  • With the ultra-thin wall, extremely fast temperature conduction, which is suitable for common PCR machines
  • In addition, the unique lid design is not easy to burst during the cycle of temperature changes
  • RT PCR tubes are no DNase, RNase, DNA, endotoxin, PCR inhibitors, and heat sources pollution;
  • And most of the products are used for qualitative experiments and can be sterilized by radiation;
  • 2mL PCR tubes with flat caps are easy to close and open the lid, which also has good airtightness and is easy to operate.

0.2mL 8 Strip PCR Tubes and 0.1 mL PCR tubes are also available, and the tube body has good sealing performance, preventing contamination.

Technical parameter

Item NO.Descriptionpcs/cartonCarton G/W(kg)Carton Size(cm)
PCR-02-ST-F0.2ml PCR tubes Single, transparent, with flat cap 1000pcs*10bags/carton100003.553*32*24
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