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0.1 mL 8 Strip PCR Tubes

1. Types: without the cap, flat cap;

2. Transparent tube body, and convenient for sample observation;

3. DNA/RNA free, and enzyme-free.

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Hawach 0.1 mL PCR tubes ( 8 strips tubes) are PP material and sterile, which can ensure fast heat transfer efficiency and have a thin wall. To ensure fast heat transfer efficiency and uniform heating of the sample, the tube cover and the tube body are tightly matched.

Features of Hawach 0.1ml PCR tubes:

  1. Lightweight and 0.1 mL polypropylene PCR tubes which are one of the high-quality materials for PCR experiments
  2. 0.1 mL sterile PCR tubes are transparent or white, all of them are suitable for the detection of different PCR machines and fluorescent quantitative PCR
  3. And the tube cover of 1 mL polypropylene PCR tubes is often matched with the tube, which has excellent airtightness, good airtightness, and even easy opening and closing, reducing finger wear
  4. A low evaporation rate and low adsorption, but with high thermal conductivity
  5. Ultra-thin tube walls are extremely fast temperature transmission; transparent tube body and are convenient for sample observation
  6. And the tube cover is connected more conveniently and provides more choices to meet different experimental purposes.
  7. The uniform thickness of the ultra-thin tube wall design facilitates heat transfer and precise temperature control in order to optimally conduct heat to the reaction solution.
  8. The uniform wall of sterile PCR tubes is thickness, effective and accurate heat conduction
  9. In addition, no pyrogen, no endotoxin, no DNase and RNase, no DNA and RNA contamination, and sterile
  10. Open and close freely and can prevent the sample from evaporating, and the ultra-high optical flat cover can meet the real-Time (real-time fluorescence quantitative) PCR reaction.

0.2mL Single PCR Tubes and  0.2mL 8 Strip PCR Tubes are also available, which are convenient for sample management, and most of them are suitable for laboratory PCR analysis.


Item NO.Descriptionpcs/cartonCarton G/W(kg)Carton Size(cm)
PCR-01-8T0.1mL 8-strip thin walled PCR tubes(without cap), transparent, 125pcs*10bags/carton12502.047*30*15
PCR-01-8W0.1mL 8-strip PCR tubes(without cap), white, 125pcs*10bags/carton12502.047*30*15
PCR-01-8T-Fflat cap for 8-strip 0.1mL PCR tubes, transparent, 125pcs*10bags/carton12501.029*26*15
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