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Semi Skirted PCR Plates


Semi skirted PCR plates are produced with high-quality bio-polypropylene in an ultra-clean production environment, in which the tube wall is thin, and the wall thickness is uniform. And we have all sizes like 96 well semi skirted PCR plates and more.

Half skirted PCR plate, the heat transfer efficiency is fast, and the sample is heated evenly. And the heat transfer grooves are well matched to better promote heat transfer.

Features of Hawach semi skirted PCR plate:

  1. It can ensure PCR performance in terms of design, production, and testing. When used with sealing film or heat sealing film, the upper limit of the hole capacity of the plate is 1ml(Max. 150ul) and 0.2ml(Max. 250ul)
  2. The flat platform facilitates sealing and handling
  3. And all sizes, like 96 well semi-skirted PCR plates, the raised edge design around each hole can fix the seal and guard to prevent evaporation
  4. A Uniform thin hole wall can achieve high and consistent heat transfer
  5. All the products, like 96 well semi-skirted PCR plates and more, have high-precision mold manufacturing and precision plastic molding process to ensure product quality and uniformity/stability of products between batches.
  6. And half-skirted PCR plates are suitable for the fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument corresponding to the specifications of the module.
  7. Suitable for most automated laboratory instruments
  8. Use 100% original packaging imported plastic materials, no thermal analysis, no endotoxin

Non skirted PCR plates and skirted PCR plates are also available in Hawach, which provide all sizes and are made of polypropylene without DNAse, RNAse, or pyrogen.

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