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Round and Flat Bottom Centrifuge Tubes


Hawach centrifuge tube follows the shape of the bottom as Flat-bottom centrifuge tubes and round-bottom centrifuge tubes, which are made of polypropylene, and the production process does not add mold release agents. And have sizes: 50 ml, etc.

Flat bottom centrifuge tubes and round bottom centrifuge tubes are the most commonly used centrifuge tube types, and the centrifuge tube production process does not add mold release agents, plasticizers, and bacteriostatic agents.

Features of flat/round-bottom centrifuge tubes:

  1. The advantage is transparency, that their hardness is small, and the sample can be taken out by the easy method.
  2. The caps prevent sample leakage, especially when it is used for radioactive or highly corrosive samples.
  3. And flat-bottom and round-bottom centrifuge tubes can prevent the leak of samples and have the function to prevent sample volatilization.
  4. The role of the cap in flat-bottom and round-bottom is to support the centrifuge tube to prevent the centrifuge tube from deforming.
  5. And with the wide compatibility, the stored samples can be directly used for RNA extraction or directly used for tissue sectioning, immunology, and flow cytometry analysis.
  6. Round /flat bottom centrifuge tubes, including 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube, 50 ml flat bottom centrifuge tubes, and more, can quickly lock the RNA level after entering the cell so that the experimental result
  7. In addition, more accurately reflect the true state of the gene expression profile at the time of sampling.
  8. All sizes, like 15 ml centrifuge tubes and 50 ml flat bottom centrifuge tubes have clear scale lines on the body to allow clear marks and are quick to use and check.
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