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Plastic Serological Pipettes


Hawach plastic Serological Pipettes are sterilization treatment, no pyrogen, no cytotoxin. And we also have full sizes, like 2ml,5ml, and more. And the widely used manufacturing materials of serological pipettes are plastic and glass.

There are mainly 7 kinds of capacity specifications of plastic and glass serological pipettes, namely 1 ml serological pipette,5ml serological pipette, and more.

Features of Hawach plastic serological pipettes:

  1. Specially designed for quantitative pipetting and dispensing
  2. In addition, complying with ISO 835 laboratory glassware-graduated pipette standard-faster, is safer and simple
  3. Long plastic serological pipettes can be resistant to high temperature and pressure
  4. Chemical resistant, with negative scale and bidirectional scale
  5. A conventional suction nozzle, in a slender cone shape, can speed up the liquid suction speed
  6. And glass serological pipettes are suitable for tissue and cell culture work
  7. Tested for sterility, accuracy, and endotoxin level, and certified for pyrogen-free
  8. Plastic sterile serological pipette with high transparency, and clear scale, to achieve precise pipetting, and  can intuitively read the remaining liquid quantity
  9. Prevent damage to the glass serological pipettes equipment due to excessive aspiration
  10. And long plastic serological pipette with electron beam sterilization treatment, no pyrogen, no cytotoxin, no DNase, no RNase, no human DNA
  11. Plastic sterile serological pipettes are individually packaged to effectively prevent pollution and facilitate access
  12. The glass serological pipettes have a high degree of sterility protection in a plastic easy-to-tear independent packaging
  13. And easy-to-read high-contrast graduations are conducive to accurate measurement and pipetting of medium and reagents

Different color rings work to mark different capacity specifications, which is easier for identification and use at work.

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