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Full Skirt PCR Plates


Hawach full skirt PCR plate has strong resistance to cold and heat and corrosion resistance. And we have all sizes are available, like 96 well-skirted PCR plates, and more. The bottom of the heating plate adopts a double heat insulation device.

A skirted PCR plate can ensure better heat transfer to the sample without deformation of the frame. Utilizing the raised hole edges can achieve efficient sealing and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Feature of Hawach full skirt PCR plate:

  1. A full skirt PCR plate is produced in an ultra-clean production environment with high-quality bio-grade polypropylene as raw material.
  2. And the thin-wall design of the skirted PCR plate, the wall thickness of each tube is uniform,
  3. High-precision mold manufacturing and precise injection molding process ensure product quality and product uniformity and stability between batches.
  4. No DNase and RNase, no DNA and RNA
  5. And ultra-thin uniform tube wall and product uniformity are achieved by top precision molds
  6. The ultra-thin and uniform tube wall provides an excellent heat conduction effect, which promotes the maximum amplification of the sample
  7. All sizes, like 96 well-skirted PCR plates are suitable for most automated experimental instruments, scientific research
  8. In addition, the whole wall is transparent, which is convenient for verifying the sample volume.
  9. The ultra-thin, uniform hole wall design ensures the best heat transfer and the highest reaction efficiency.
  10. And the design of the raised edge of the small hole can be sealed with a film, foil, or cover to make the seal tighter and reduce the evaporation of the sample.
  11. Sizes: 384/96 well-skirted PCR plates with low evaporation rate, low adsorption, high thermal conductivity

Non-skirted PCR plates and semi-skirted PCR plates are also available in Hawach, which also ensure product quality and product uniformity, and stability between batches.

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