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Serological Pipettes

Descriptions of Serological Pipettes

Hawach serological pipettes are sterile. And all sizes of serological pipettes, like 2ml, and 5ml, are made in 100,000 cleanrooms. The serological pipette is also widely made of polystyrene and glass material, which are used to accurately pipette a certain volume of solution.

Features of Hawach serological pipette:

a. The sharp-mouthed is in the lower end, and a clear double-sided scale mark for precise liquid transferring.
b. There is a marking line carved on the end of the neck, which is a mark of the accurate volume.
c. And scale lines of different sizes in different colors to be produced for easy identification;
d. A smooth and clean surface that can greatly reduce the adhesion of liquid to the wall and enhance the precision of sampling;
e.And all of the products are sterile, with no pyrogen, no endotoxin, no cytotoxicity, no hemolysis, no DNase, and no RNase:
f. The rigid two-way scale design ideally meets the requirements of sample addition and sample reduction.
g. And before being sold, all of the products are tested after rigorous integrity.
h. 1.0mL, 2.0mL, 5.0mL, 10.0mL, 25.0mL, 50.0mL sizes of serological pipettes for your choice.


Sizes (1mL – 50mL), like 25ml and 50ml serological pipettes, are used in biological and chemical compounds. They are usually harmless.

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