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Descriptions of Hawach Pipettes:

Hawach has all types of pipettes: 8 and 12-channel pipettes, a mechanical pipette, and more; With comfortable hand feels light suction, and discharge operation force.

Hawach lab pipette is also a measuring tool that transfers liquid from the original container to another container within a certain range. And the specifications of  Hawach pipettes are different, like single-channel pipette, etc. And the pipette of different specifications is matched with different sizes of pipette tips.

Types of pipetteselectric pipettes
single-channel pipettes
8 channel pipettes
12 channel pipettes

Features of Hawach pipettes:

  • According to the adjustment method, it can be divided into the mechanical pipette and the electric pipette.
  • As a lab pipette manufacturer, according to the number of pipettes that can be installed at the same time, it can be divided into single-channel pipettes and multichannel pipettes.
  • Durable: The new sturdy design can protect the pipettes safely and stably for long-term application in complex or dangerous experimental environments.
  • Reliable: Accurate, and high-quality with long-term excellent accuracy and repeatability.
  • Ergonomics: electric and mechanical pipette has a comfortable hand feel, light suction, and discharge operation force to avoid repetitive muscle strain
  • In addition, the lab pipette can continuous pipetting can be done quickly and easily
  • For viscous, high-density liquids and high-vapor pressure liquids, it can also be accurately pipetted. Suitable for any piston tips
  • And a variety of designs are used to achieve different accuracy and precision.
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