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Hawach PH test strip is made of quality litmus paper, which is including a wide/narrow range of pH test strips and high paper density. And PH test strip is often for testing the acidity or alkalinity of the substance or the approximate pH value of the solution to be tested.

Universal pH test paper strips is 0-14/ 0-6/ 0-7/ 0.5-5/ 1-14/ 3.8-5.4/ 4-7/ 4.5-9/ 4.5-10/ 5.5-9 and the pH health test strips range is 5-8.

Classification of Hawach PH Test Strips:

Types of pH test strip
Universal pH test paper stripspH health test strips

Features of pH test strip:

a. pH test paper can directly test solutions with very high paper density
b. Most of our pH test paper is soft, which has good absorption performance, and soaking in water does not swell.
c. To determine the pH of a solution, the easiest way is to use pH test paper, it can y roughly measure the acidity and alkalinity of water
d. Wide range pH test paper can test general solutions and is suitable for on-site process investigation in various environments
e. The color chart of narrow-range pH test strips is different from that of wide-range pH test papers.
f. The color chart of a wide range pH test papers is one color for each pH value, and pack safely, which protects test strips from moisture;
g. The accuracy of the wide range pH test strip is very low and can only be accurate to 1, which means it can display to 0-14/ 0-6/ 0-7/ 0.5-5/ 1-14/ 3.8-5.4/ 4-7/ 4.5-9/ 4.5-10/ 5.5-9

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