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PCR Tubes

Description of Hawach PCR Tubes:

Real-time PCR tubes are necessary for the PCR experiment. And we have all sizes: 0.1mL, 0.2mL, and 8 strips PCR tubes, which are all without pollution. PCR tubes have excellent PCR or qPCR performance, and cap of high light transmission rate for efficient and successful PCR experiments.

Sizes of Hawach PCR Tubes:

Size of PCR strip tubes
0.1ml 8 Strip PCR Tubes0.2ml Single PCR Tubes0.2ml 8 Strip PCR Tubes

The Real-time PCR tubes provide a variety of different specifications to meet your experimental needs.
There are three sizes of our products: 0.1mL, 0.2mL 8 Strip PCR tubes, and 0.2ml Single PCR Tubes, which are convenient for sample management, and most of them are suitable for laboratory PCR analysis, food safety testing, and disease control testing.

Features of PCR tubes:

a. Verified by engineers to be perfectly compatible with many instruments and have excellent performance
b. All of the products are made of highly transparent, medical polypropylene (PP) material
c. Ultra-thin tube walls, greatly accelerate the transmission of temperature
d. The tube body of PCR strip tubes with transparent in color, and easy for sample observation
e. Have no DNA, DNase, RNase, or PCR inhibitors, and with sterilize
f. Suitable for 96-well PCR plate or other PCR plates
g. One-handed operation is convenient and simple
h. PCR strip tubes are made of particularly formulated polypropylene material
i. Design is easier for heat transfer and precise temperature control.
j. The standard tube design can well suit most PCR instruments for many experiments
k. The inner seal design of the lengthened tube cover enhances the tightness and avoids sample volatilization or contamination

PCR series laboratory appliance also includes PCR plate , and the sizes including 96 well and 384 well.

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