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Hawach is one of the PCR plate manufacturers in China, and the full-size real-time plate is available:96 and 384 wells. And the plates are made of high-quality polypropylene, which with high temperature and high-pressure sterilization.

PCR plate are for genetics, and biochemistry basic research, which is cost-effective, stable quality, and can save experimental costs.

Classification of PCR plates:

96 well384 well
No/full-skirtedhalf skirted

384 well PCR plate or 96 well PCR plate, which with high temperature and high-pressure sterilization function.

According to the skirt design, real-time PCR plates can be divided into those design modes: no skirt, half skirt, and full skirt.

Features of Hawach PCR plates:

a. The tube wall is thin, the wall thickness is uniform, the heat transfer efficiency is fast, and the sample is heated evenly.
b. And the heat transfer grooves are well matched to better promote heat transfer.
c. High-precision mold manufacturing and precision plastic molding process to ensure product quality and uniformity/stability of products between batches.
d. In addition, the surface design is suitable for most PCR machines, which is convenient for sealing and handling.
e. The convex panel design is necessary for the best fit and performance of certain PCR instruments and helps to balance the hot lid pressure without the need for an adapter.
f. And as a PCR plates manufacturer, we produced in an ultra-clean production environment with high-quality biological polypropylene.
g. The hardness can ensure, and no difference between holes to prevent deformation.

PCR plate is widely used in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine, gene isolation, cloning, etc.

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