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Elisa Plates

Descriptions of Hawach Elisa Plates:

The sizes of ELISA plate is 96 well. And the plate is made of polystyrene (PS) material that adopts the optimized surface treatment process, and effectively improves the adsorption capacity of protein on the high and medium binding force of the plate.

Hawach high-binding ELISA plates improve the sensitivity of the product to protein adsorption detection and are widely used in various types of ELISA detection.

Features of Hawach Elisa Plates:

a. Made of polystyrene (PS) material, specially designed for ELISA experiments;
b. The treatment in the hole is uniform, the CV value between the holes is less than 5%, and the size conforms to the ANSI-SBS standard;
c. Polystyrene ELISA plate has strong protein adsorption capacity;
d. The adsorption capacity of the plate can be known as high and flexible;
e. Polystyrene ELISA plate has a solid-phase polystyrene surface as a carrier that plays an important role in the adsorption of antigens, antibodies, or antigen-antibody conformers;
f. The High binding ELISA plate as the medium-binding plate is passively bound to proteins through surface hydrophobic bonds and is suitable as a solid-phase carrier for macromolecular proteins with a molecular weight > 20kD. Its protein binding capacity is much higher;
g. The protein binding ability of the plate is greatly enhanced after surface treatment and the use of this type of plate can improve the sensitivity, and can relatively reduce the concentration and dosage of the coated protein, but it is easy to produce non-specific reactions;

Hawach also contains Elisa 96 well plate and other kinds of consumables, like cell culture plate, which all of our products have steady chemical properties.

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