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Deep Well Plate

Descriptions of Hawach deep well plate:

Deep well plates are made of polypropylene (PP). The size of deep well plates is 2.2 mL. And we have a sterile 96-deep well culture plate and a 24-deep well plate, which can be used for polar organic acidic and alkaline solutions, and other liquids.


Deep Well Plate

96 deep well plate24 deep well plate

Sterile 96 deep well culture plate and 24 deep well plate are also available at Hawach.

Deep well microplates can be used for storing samples, which can take over from the 1.5ml centrifuge tube to store samples, and it is settled with saving space, and large storage capacity.

Features of Hawach deep well plates:

1. Non-polluting, convenient, firm, and reusable.
2. And all of the deep well plates are suitable for identification systems, HTS, master sampling and storage, mechanical sampling and automatic pipetting systems, etc.
3. Used in an ultra-low temperature environment (minimum temperature: -120°C);
4. All volumes, like 2.2 mL deep well plates ,are also suitable for all kinds of automatic samplers.
5. And free of DNA, RNA, and pyrogen, and also can be directly injected into the sample bin of the sampler.
6. All sizes of the products are made of qualified virgin PP and conform to SBS standard
7. After processing, the sample is directly injected, eliminating the need for tedious work such as sucking samples back and forth, placing samples, capping, inserting inserts, and washing bottles.

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