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Conductive Tips

Description of conductive pipette tips:

Conductive pipette tips are equal to Tecan or Hamilton, which are made in an electronic beam sterilized. And the conductive tip is made of medical-grade conductive polypropylene (PP) material and produced in a high-level purification environment, without proteases, heat sources, and more.

Features of conductive tip:

a. No DNA, RNA, protease and pyrogen testing, sterility testing, etc.
b. And according to a precision detector, test the air-tightness between the head of the conductive tip and the adapter to make sure that every one of the products has good air-tightness.
c. With smooth inner surface: The different processes of technology make sure that the conductive tip has a different smooth inner surface and largely decreases the amount of liquid residue.
d. In addition, make sure that all of the products have the perfect performance, and superhydrophobicity, which make a strong barrier to aerosols and remove the risk of sample cross-contamination.
e. And the mature injection-making process of conductive pipette tips makes sure that the product with good airtightness and advances the mechanical accuracy of the product at work.
f. Using the electron beam to sterilize, and keep no chemical residues.
g. And good thickness, impact resistance, and drop resistance
h. Unique ultra-fine grinding and molding technology, no mold release, agent is required, and less sample residue


1. It can be used for the research and development of genomics, proteomics, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceuticals, and other commonly used high-throughput pipetting requirements.
2. And the conductive automation tips can be used in Tecan tips automatic enzyme exemption workstation and automatic sample adding system.
3. Suitable for Hamilton series workstations.

Hawach conductive automation tips suit Tecan pipette tips and Hamilton tips, which are made in an electronic beam sterilized.

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