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Centrifuge Tubes


Hawach company supplies polypropylene centrifuge tubes. And we have all sizes, like 50mL, and 250mL with high speed. Hawach centrifuge tubes conform to USP class-6 standards and are sterilized by E-Beam and packed in 100,000 class clean-room.

The sizes of centrifuge tubes:

Centrifugal tube1.5ml microcentrifuge tube2ml microcentrifuge tube
Micro centrifugal tube15ml centrifuge tube50ml centrifuge tube
Centrifugal bottle250mlcentrifuge bottle500ml centrifuge bottle

Sizes are available: 1.5 ml and 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes; 250 ml, 500 ml centrifuge bottles, and more.

Features of Hawach centrifuge tubes:

  1. As qPCR consumables for Nucleic acid amplification testing, all of the products are mostly used, which all have No pyrogen, no endotoxin or cytotoxicity, DNAse and RNAse free.
  2. Made by Virgin PP, which conforms to USP class-6 standard and does not hold heavy metals
  3. All sizes:50mL polypropylene centrifuge tubes were sterilized by E-Beam and packed in 100,000 class clean-room
  4. Provided with a cover, which must prevent liquid leakage.
  5. Centrifuge tube has centrifugation technology, which is mainly used for the separation and preparation of various biological samples and is also used in the biological sciences, particularly in the areas of biochemistry and molecular biology.
  6. A high-speed centrifuge tube has a huge centrifugal force, and the suspended tiny particles (such as the precipitation of organelles, biological macromolecules, etc.) can settle at a high speed to be separated from the solution.

The function of the tube cover is :
a) Used for radioactive or strongly corrosive samples, to prevent sample leakage.
b) All sizes, like the cover of a 50mL polypropylene centrifuge tube, prevent sample volatilization.
c) Support the centrifugal tube, and prevent deformation of the centrifugal tube.

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