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Cell Culture Flask

Description of Cell Culture Flask:

In Hawach, we have two kinds of caps: a vent cap and a sealed cap.Sizes include 25cm2, 75cm2, and 175cm2, and the flask are made of high clarity PS( polystyrene) material. The Cell culture flask with strong cell adhesion ensures a high adherent and survival rate of cells.

Polystyrene cell culture flasks have two kinds of caps: vented caps and sealed caps. And the sizes include 25cm2 and more.

Cell culture flask
Item NO.SpecificationPackGW/carton(kg)Carton size(cm)
CF-25Cell culture flask, 25cm2, vent cap, Vacuum plasma treatment12pcs*25bags/carton958*39*31
CF-75Cell culture flask, 75cm2, vent cap, Vacuum plasma treatment5pcs*18bags/carton757*38*30
CF-175Cell culture flask, 175cm2, vent cap, Vacuum plasma treatment5pcs*10bags/carton1065*53*30

Features of Hawach cell culture flask:

1. Conducive to gas exchange and prevents fungus and bacteria from invading and polluting
2. Cell culture flask 25cm2, 75cm2, and 175cm2, which are irradiated by gamma rays, without DNase, RNase, and pyrogen
3. The culture surface is smooth and clean, without scratches or uneven surfaces;
4. And no steps or dead-ends at the culture surface, which makes smooth pouring and prevents cell loss and pollution;
5. ALL sizes, like cell culture flask 25 cm2, are mostly used for cell passaging, preservation of cells, provision of cells for experiments, etc.
6. Using high-tech surface treatment technology to be suitable for the suspension and adherent growth of cells and tissues.
7. There are two types of caps: a vent cap and a sealed cap for customers to choose easily when completing different cultivation goals
8. After the surface is specially modified, the cells can better adhere to the wall

Cell culture series laboratory appliance also includes cell culture plate, and the sizes including 6 well cell culture plate, and more.

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