What Are Tecan Automation Tips and about Features

Tecan automation tips are made of imported medical-grade polypropylene (PP) material with special surface treatment. And has the characteristics of high precision, high transparency, and good hydrophobicity.

hamilton 300ul conductive tips

The volume of  Tecan automation tips:

Feature of  Tecan automation tips:

HAWACH conductive pipette tips

  •  Sterilized production in a 100,000-level dust-free workshop without chemical residues.
  • Uniform conductivity: The product has passed the conductivity test to ensure that the product has uniform conductivity, strong hydrophobicity, and does not hang on the wall.
  •  Strong adaptability: self-owned mold company and R&D team, structural mapping according to the original adapter, mature injection molding process
  •  In addition, advanced production equipment ensures a high degree of adaptability between products and automation equipment.
  • Effectively prevent cross-infection: the super-hydrophobic high-quality filter element is used, and the product has passed the leak test and insertion force test to ensure that the product has good verticality and sealing
  • And all volume: Tecan 1000μLTips are mainly for the Tecan pipetting workstation platform with eliminates the risk of cross-infection
  • The Tecan series of pipetting tip molds produced by Hawach with new nano-processing technology greatly reduces the size of the tip. surface adsorption.
  • Like Tecan 1000μLTips, Hawach company provides Tecan series pipette tips in various volumes
  • Made of conductive polypropylene, for capacitive liquids bit detection
  • And verified the accuracy of the suction head to ensure product quality and performance.
  • Reducing sample waste and reagent waste
  • And minimizing damage is especially important when trying to get the most out of precious reagents and when working with rare samples.


  • Tecan tips are commonly for prevent pipette contamination and sample cross-contamination.
  • And no need for plumbing homemade to prevent contamination. Plain conductive tips without filter elements are also popular.
  • Mainly used on the Tecan pipetting workstation platform, the Tecan series pipette tip molds produce new nano-processing technology, which greatly reduces the surface adsorption of the tips.

Hawach Tecan Tips produced aims:

conductive tips

  • Reducing volume and saving costs is the constant mission of every enterprise: the drive to produce more samples also creates a need to reduce sample waste and reagent waste.
  • And optimized assays and reduced volume saving on reagent and sample usage costs.
  • Minimizing damage is especially important to us when trying to get the most out of precious reagents and when working with rare samples.
  • The adoption of small-volume pipetting in the automation of liquid handling processes certainly brings all of the above-mentioned scale and cost advantages.

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