The Steps of Cleaning Cell Culture Flasks

The cell culture flasks are the instrument that uses to culture cells. One is a glass product, the other is a plastic product, and its bottoms also have different shapes. All cell culture flask sizes, like 75cm2 cell culture flask, are from the perspective of preventing contamination and providing safe protection for cell culture. But do you know how to clean cell culture flasks?

t75 cell culture flask cell culture flask

How to clean cell culture flasks:

Soaking cell culture flask:

  1. Many glass surface of the new cell culture flask is alkaline and contains lead, arsenic, and other substances that are toxic to cells during the production process
  2. Therefore, soaked the culture flask in a 5% dilute hydrochloric acid solution overnight. When soaking, completely immersed it, and no air bubbles remain in the bottle.
  3. After use, soaked the suspension cell culture flask in tap water with washing powder for at least 6 hours.

Washing cell culture flask:

  • Scrub the culture bottle with a soft brush to remove impurities from the inner and outer surfaces of the bottle.
  • Paid attention to one is to prevent damage to the inner surface finish of the culture flask to affect the growth of cells, And it is not advisable to use excessive force when brushing;
  • And the other is to not leave dead corners, and special attention should be to the brushing of the corners of the flask and the cell adherent surface.
  • After brushing, rinsed and clean the culture bottle, usually at least 20 times, until no water droplets hang on the bottle wall. Put in the oven to dry.

Bubble acid:

  • Soaking acid can completely remove trace impurities remaining in the culture flask that has not been washed away.
  • When soaking the culture bottle in acid, wear 3 layers of gloves.
  • Be careful to prevent the acid from splashing and burning the skin. Immersed the bottle in the acid.
  • The bottle is complete with an acid solution, leaving no air gaps, and soaked for 4 to 6 hours. (Since our acid is not reddish-brown in color, should soak overnight.)
  • Note: According to the cell culture flask material, not soaked the bottle cap in concentrated acid, it should be in a 5% dilute hydrochloric acid solution and completely submerged in the acid solution.

Rinse cell culture flask:

  • Rinse the flask thoroughly with running water.
  • First, fill the cell culture bottle with tap water, then pour it out, and repeat more than 20 times, until no residue is left
  • No water droplets are hanging on the bottle wall; then wash with double-distilled water 2~3 times
  • Then wash with three-distilled water once. Put in the oven to dry.

 Sterilization cell culture flask:

  • 1~2 days before use, take out the bottle, unscrew the cap, wrap the bottle mouth with kraft paper, tie a string, paste the sterilization indicator tape, and make a mark.
  • Or unscrew the lid and put it directly into an aluminum box covered with tinfoil.
  • Wrapped the aluminum box with newspaper, tied it with a rope, affixed it with sterilization indicator tape, marked, and sterilized it at 121°C for 30 minutes.
  • After sterilization, when the temperature drops below 60°C, open the lid and take it out, and put it in a sterile oven for drying.
  • When finished drying, tighten the cap and remove it. After spraying alcohol, put it on an ultra-clean workbench or put it in a cabinet, especially for sterilized items.

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