The Correct Way to Choose and Use the 8 Strip PCR Tubes

Most of the problems encountered by many scientific researchers in the experiment are that the lids of 8-strip PCR tubes are not tightly covered or other different problems.

Many imported ones are easy to use, but due to limited funds, they may choose domestic products. In response to this problem, there are some ways to choose tubes, which can replace the original consumables of the instrument.

02-ml-8-strip-pcr-tubes  0.1-ml-8-strip-pcr-tubes

The correct way to choose the 8-strip PCR tube:

  1. The ultra-thin wall makes heat conduction and temperature control accurate and reduces the experimental cycle time.
  2. PCR 8 strip tubes with no DNase and RNase, no pyrogen
  3. The direction hole is convenient to identify the direction.
  4. The products are plastic materials with optical flat covers, which are suitable for fluorescence quantitative PCR.

What details should be paid attention to when using 8 strip PCR tube for centrifuges?

The PCR 8 strip tubes centrifuge uses the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to increase the sedimentation speed of particles in the liquid, and separate substances with different sedimentation ratios and buoyancy in the sample.

What details should we pay attention to during the use of the tube?

  1. All sizes, like PCR tubes 0.2 ml 8 tube strips, do not use without training and evaluation.
  2. Select the appropriate rotor and speed. Please do not use it.
  3. Select a suitable temperature above the organic solvent (usually 4°C) to prevent freezing of the eight-tube and rotor.
  4. Before using the rotor, wipe the tube with a hole rod, and carefully check whether there are cracks or white spots at the bottom of the hole. If so, look back and throw it away.
  5. The amount of solution in the eight tubes must be appropriate. The stainless steel tube doesn’t have a cap and can only stick 2/3. And align the plastic tube with the shoulder.
  6. The lid must be closed without leakage. The use of organic solvents in plastic tubes must comply with regulations.
  7. And placed the centrifuges in pairs, well balanced, with a deviation of <0.1g.
  8. You cannot rotate without rotating. To handle the rotor as well, you need us to use a handle that prevents the rotor from slipping.
  9. And turn the headlight and stabilize it. When turning the handle, hold the handle with your hand and turn your head.
  10. We do not open the lid during centrifugation.
  11. After using the rotor, remove the rotor in time, dry it in the rotor cavity, and carefully clean the holes in the pipe with a cleaning rod.
  12. And if the solution spills,  should rinse it, wiped away condensation from the rotor cavity, and the door open to allow the rotor cavity to dry.
  13. After using the centrifuge, should keep and registered the equipment together with the eight tubes.

Size: 0.1 mL 8 Strip PCR Tubes and 0.2 mL PCR tubes ( 8 strip tubes )can be also chosen in Hawach.

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