Self-inspection of Pipettes – Accuracy Problems

In the process of using the pipettes, if you doubt their accuracy, can check it yourself according to the following tips:

Advanced Half Autoclave 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes

How to check pipette accuracy:

According to the pipette accuracy test to check:

Whether a leak in the pipettes:

Let the pipettes after sucking the liquid stand vertically for 15 seconds, and observe whether there is a slow drop. If there is some outflow, it stands there is air leakage.

Pressure pump detection: Apply a dedicated pressure pump to check the pressure and conclude whether the exit of the air is leakage.

Possible reasons:

(1) Does the pipette tip match? – Use the original matching pipette tip

(2)  whether tightening when you are assembling the suction head?

(3) The airtightness inside the pipette is not good?

Whether the temperature difference between the liquid and the environment affects the accuracy of the pipettes:

  • The volume of the liquid will be removed too large if the liquid temperature is higher than the pipette tip.
  • Conversely, If the temperature of the liquid is lower than the pipette tip, the volume of the liquid removed will be smaller.

Whether a very obvious difference between the density of the liquid sample and the water:

Calibrate with water as the standard liquid for testing before auto and plastic pipette get standard accuracy.

Whether the aspiration speed is too fast, will the pipetting volume get inaccurate:

Too fast aspiration speed will cause backlash and bubbles, resulting in inaccurate pipetting volume.

ps: When the pipette accuracy precision is not right, should adjust the scale to the maximum range to get the spring into its original shape, then extend the service life of the pipette.

Self-inspection of Pipettes – improve accuracy:

  • Before the formal pipette, the pipette tip should get some sample solution in advance for when the serum protein solution or organic solvent is drawn, which to drainage.
  • In order to eliminate the error that liquids with high concentration and viscosity cause, use compensation amount can be set by changing the reading of the reading window with the adjustment knob to eliminate the error.
  • When setting the range, please note that when you rotate to the required range, the number is clearly displayed in the window.
  • When the set range is in the range of the pipette, remember not to push the button out of the range or the mechanical device will cause stuck and damage, then not accuracy.
  • Do not use a long-range pipette to pipette small volumes of liquid, so as not to affect plastic and auto pipette accuracy.
  • When sucking liquid, should loosen your thumb slowly and steadily, and never suddenly loosen it.
  • Preventing the solution from not getting accurate, should avoid corroding the plunger and causing air leakage.

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