Preparation before Using Serological Pipettes

Hawach serological pipettes are often for accurately pipette volumes of solutions. It is mainly for accurately measuring a certain volume of liquid and needs to be used with a suitable pipette. But do you know what preparations need to be done before using a serological pipette?

Preparation before using serological pipettes:

Serological Pipettes 25ml and 50ml Serological Pipette

1. Rinse with tap water firstly-serological pipette uses in the laboratory

  •  Rinse with tap water first, then soak with chromic acid cleaning solution. The operation method is as follows:
  • Hold the upper end of the serological pipette in the correct position with the right hand, the index finger is close to the upper mouth of the pipette, and the middle finger and ring finger are open to hold the outside of the pipette
  • And sandwiched the thumb between the middle and ring fingers on the inside of the pipette. The little finger relaxes naturally;
  • Pick up the ear-washing ball with the left hand, with the tip facing down, to expel the air in the ball.
  • Insert the tip of the suction ball into or near the top of the pipette, taking care not to leak air. Slowly release the fingers of the left hand, slowly suck the lotion into the tube until the part above the mark
  • Then take out the suction ball, quickly block the upper mouth of the straw with the index finger of the right hand, wait for a while, and put the washing liquid back into the bottle
  • Rinse the inner and outer walls of the test tube with tap water until no water droplets hang, then rinse with distilled water 3 times, and control the dry water for use.
  • When using a single-use serological pipette, first look at the pipette markings, accuracy level, scale position, etc.

2. Rinse with the solution

  • Serological pipette uses in laboratory: should rinse with the solution
  •  Sucked the solution and  pour the solution into a small beaker that is cleaned and dried, and dry the inside and outside of the cleaned suction head;
  • Insert a small beaker to draw the solution, when it is sucked to 1/3 of the volume of the serological pipette, immediately press the mouth of the tube with the index finger
  • Then take it out, hold and turn the tube horizontally, so that the solution flows through the inner wall of the tube, and then the solution is discharged from the lower end into the waste cup;
  • And absorbed the solution after rinsing 3-4 times in this way.

Hawach serological pipettes are sterile. All sizes, such as 1mL serological pipettes, are produced in 100,000 cleanrooms. Serological pipettes are widely made of polystyrene and glass materials. As long as the preparations are done as above, you can use them with confidence. During the operation, be careful not to put the tube in the oven to dry, so as not to deform the tube body and affect its use.

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