Precautions for Using pH Test Paper

A pH test paper is a ready-made test paper to check the pH of a solution. When using, tear off a strip, put it in a watch glass, dip a drop of the solution to be tested with a dry glass rod, and then compare the color change of the test paper with the standard colorimetric card to know. Here is a brief introduction to the precautions for its use.

Precautions for using pH test papers:

Universal pH Test stripes in racks Universal PH Test Paper Strip

How to use ph test strips:

  • When you are doing the experiment, do not extend the test paper into the solution for testing.
  • Everyone knows the harm of concentrated sulfuric acid. It is also very corrosive, so cannot measure the pH value of concentrated sulfuric acid.
  • As mentioned above, the test strip cannot directly contact the mouth of the object you want to test, the mouth of the bottle or the mouth of the catheter is not allowed.
  • When using a ph test paper roll to test the solution, do not soak it with distilled water like the test gas, because it is necessary to know that the wet pH test paper is quite diluting the solution you will test, which will cause the pH value you test to be different.
  • Accurate, the correct test method has just been mentioned, that is to use a dip method to point your solution in the middle of the test paper with a glass rod, slowly wait for the color change, and then compare it with the prepared color. The pH value is accurate.
  • When you finish the pH test, you should try to seal your ph health test strips in a container, so as to prevent your test paper from being polluted by the gas in the laboratory.
  • Pay attention to the date that knows ph test paper factory when makes the ph test paper roll and does not use expired test cards, because the chemicals will expire after a long time.
  • In order to reduce the chance of inaccurate testing, read the instructions on the test card carefully before going to the bathroom for specific operations, and then follow the instructions carefully.

Some tips about pH test strips:

Can pH test strips detect pregnancy?

  • Can ph test strips detect pregnancy? Expert answer: Early pregnancy ph test paper rolls are commonly used by ladies and friends to test whether they are pregnant.
  • ph test paper factory makes early pregnancy test strips that are very convenient and fast to use. Therefore, many women are used to using early pregnancy test strips to test whether they are pregnant.

Will pregnancy test strips give you the wrong message? How to read the information on the pregnancy test paper?

  • In fact, although the early pregnancy test paper claims to have a 99% accuracy rate, you must not be too gullible with your self-test results.
  •  If you are not sure about the test results, you can ask the doctor and complete the test under the guidance of the doctor. For example, if you drink too much water to dilute your urine, your doctor will tell you if you need to do the test again. If the test comes back positive but it’s not obvious, you should assume you’re pregnant and go to the hospital.

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