Precautions for Using Multi-Channel Pipettes and Adjustable Pipettes

The multi-channel Pipettes and Adjustable Pipettes is an experimental products with the characteristics of enzyme labeling analysis, kinetic research, DNA amplification, etc.

Advanced Half Autoclave 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes

The correct use of adjustable pipettes:

  1. Prepare to aspirate and dispense adjustable pipettes

  • The labels of the dispensing tube and reagent bottle are facing the operator when the adjustable pipette use freely in the lab.
  • Place the container with liquid under the mouth of the dispensing tube, remove the sealing cap of the mouth of the dispensing tube
  • And slide the cap backward (that is, towards the mouth of the dispensing tube) to insert the cap into the fixed position.
  1. In addition to air bubbles
  • Turn the upper dial to a quarter or a third of the range, and turn the safety valve on the side until the arrow on it points to the back of the instrument (that is, it rotates away from the dispensing tube).
  • Quickly aspirate and dispense by pulling the top piston handle and pressing down quickly, repeating this operation several times until no visible air bubbles exist during aspiration through the side window.
  • Next, rotate the safety valve until the arrow points to the positive position (that is, rotate in the direction facing the dispensing tube)
  • And repeat the above-mentioned suction and discharge operation several times until expelled all the air bubbles are in the dispensing tube.
  1. Quantitative liquid separation
  • Rotate the upper quantitative dial to the desired dispensing volume.
  • Place the container that needs to receive the liquid under the mouth of the dispensing tube, and gently and steadily pull the handle of the top piston upward until pulled it can no longer.
  • And then press it down to the end, in the same way, to quantitatively remove the required volume of solution.
  1. Disposal after use

After using Adjustable Pipettes, you should make sure that the pipetting piston is at the bottom (controlled by the top handle), and should zero the dial scale to lock the pipetting piston.

Precautions for the use of multi-channel pipette:

The work of the multi-channel pipette is realized by the principle of air displacement.   Therefore, the airtightness of the pipette is very important.

How to use a multi-channel pipette?

  • All volumes, Like 12 channel multichannel pipette are not allowed to release suddenly,
  • In order to obtain higher accuracy, the tip needs to absorb the sample solution once in advance,
  • The liquid with high concentration and viscosity will produce errors.
  • In order to eliminate the compensation amount of the error, people often determined it by experiment.
  • And set the compensation amount  by changing the reading of the reading window with the adjustment knob;
  • It is very inadvisable to tighten the pipette by repeatedly hitting the tip. The long-term operation will loosen the internal parts and damage the pipette;
  • Do not turn the button out of the range, otherwise, will stick and damaged the mechanical device

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