How to Use Serological Pipette

A serological pipette is a disposable pipette and is mainly for accurately measuring a certain volume of liquid. But people often not used the serological pipette in the right way and then got it damaged in the experiment. Here are some ways to use serological pipettes rightly:

How to use a serological pipette:

1. Before use:

    1. When using serological pipettes, we should first look at the mark, before using it, and the position of the scale mark.
    2. Take off the impurities in the inner wall of the pipe. You can choose between tap water and distilled water to remove.
    3. Remember when finishing washing, there should be no water droplets on the inner wall of the pipette.
    4. Before pipetting the solution, we should use filter paper to absorb the water inside and outside the end of it, and then rinse the wall of the pipe with the solution to be piped sometimes to keep the concentration of the pipetted solution remaining.
    5. And when using the thumb and middle finger of the right hand to pinch the upper end of the pipette, insert the lower mouth of the tube into the solution to be sucked, generally keeping it at 10-20mmto avoid producing impurities, and suck the solution into the ear wash ball to soil the solution.

2. Adjust the liquid level:

  • lift the serological pipette up to leave the liquid level, the end of the tube is still leaning against the inner wall of the solution container,
  • Keep upright the tube body to make the solution in the tube slowly flow out, then reach the marking line.
  • And immediately press the mouth of the tube with your index finger. Remove the liquid drop against the wall, remove it, and insert it into the container that receives the solution.

3. Release the solution:

  • If the container that accepts the solution is an Erlenmeyer flask, tilt the Erlenmeyer flask by 30°, and the serological pipette used should be upright. The lower end of the tube is close to the inner wall of the Erlenmeyer flask.
  • Slightly loosen your index finger to allow the solution to slowly flow down the wall of the flask. , After all the solution has flowed, you need to wait for 15s before taking out the pipette, so that part of the solution attached to the tube wall can flow out.

Precautions for using serological pipettes:

1mL,5mL,10mL Serological Pipettes 25 ml serological pipette

1. Sizes (1ml – 50ml), like 25ml and 50ml serological pipettes should not be dried in the oven.

2.  Can’t pipette solutions that are too hot or too cold.

3. In the same experiment, should use the same serological pipette.

4. When the serological pipette use is finished, should rinse it with tap water and distillery water quickly, then put it on the serological pipette rack

5. Serological pipettes and volumetric flasks are often used together, so the relative volume of the two is often calibrated before use.

6. When using it, in order to reduce the measurement error, should with 0 scale starting point every time.

There are more introduces about serological pipettes: the types of serological pipettes, the difference between the serological pipettes and graduated pipettes, etc.