How to Seal 96 Well Plate Film

96-well plates are commonly used in laboratories, and sometimes require a sealing film to store samples. However, the film looks simple, but the actual operation is not so easy, and some minor problems will be encountered. Today, let’s introduce the correct method of how to seal 96 well plate film:

96 Well Plate Sealing Film

First of all, let’s learn about the sealing film. Plate sealing film is a transparent film used to seal multi-well plates. It comes in many different types, and some special experiments may require black or tinfoil film. The more common and widely used transparent film, Hawach provides two types of pressure sealing film and adhesive sealing film. They can be used in PCR, ELISA, cell culture and other experiments to ensure good sealing and prevent liquid evaporation or leakage during sample storage. And not only 96 well plate, but also 384 well plate can use it.

Sealing Tape for 96 Well Plates:

In order to ensure that the sealing film can play its own role, we need to understand the correct use and operation process introduced next:

  • 96 well PCR platePrepare for the experiment in advance, wear sterile gloves, and ensure that the operating table is clean. Place the 96-well plate that needs to be filmed on the operating table, and clean the part that is in contact with the film and keep it dry. Taking the single sheet with the backing facing up and reseal the remaining package to keep it isolated from outside contamination.
  • Peel off a small section of one end of the backing paper, keeping the sticky side of the backing away from anything else. Secure this end of the sealing film to the corresponding end of the board, align it so that it seals across the board and proceed to remove the remaining backing paper. This eliminates curls and folds from the sealing film operation.
  • After tearing off the remaining backing paper, take out the pressure board. Hold the pressure board with one hand and the well plate with the other to keep the plate stable and not to move around. If you don’t have a pressure board, you can find a hard card with smooth edges instead.
  • Slowly press the periphery of the 96-well plate with a pressure board, and then gradually scrape from the edge of the 96 well plate inwards to the edge to make the seal tighter. It can be done several times horizontally and vertically, and pressurized continuously to ensure that the whole is pressed to ensure better sealing. But don’t use too much force each time, especially pay attention to the pressure on the edge of the hole, be patient and careful.
  • After the above operations are completed, please do not end in a hurry, it is best to conduct an inspection to confirm the combination of the film and the plate. Mainly check for wrinkles and air bubbles around each well and on the edge of the plate. If there is a problem, it needs to be adjusted or re-operated. If the inspection is correct, the sealed plate can be allowed to stand for 10 minutes to allow the film and board enough time to deepen the bond. Do your experiment at the end of ten minutes.

Now you should understand how to seal 96 well plate film. If you need to purchase related consumables, whether it is sealing film, 96 well plate or other experimental consumables, you can choose to contact us. Hawach has excellent quality and excellent service, and is willing to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. We are your trusted partner.