How to Remove Residue from Adjustable Pipettes

Adjustable pipettes are multipurpose manual devices for both precise and accurate sampling and dispensing.

Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes

The specific operation method of the adjustable volume pipette:

  • First, turn the knob on the upper part of the dispenser with the thumb and forefinger, so that the desired volume and the number of the volume appear in the digital window
  • Then, insert the plastic tip of the adjustable volume pipette into the lower end of the dispenser, and tighten it to ensure airtightness
  • Then hold the upper part of the dispenser with four fingers, press the button on top of the plunger rod with your thumb, and press down to the first stop
  • And insert the tip of the liquid dispenser into the solution, slowly release the button, aspirate the liquid, and hold for 1-2 seconds.

The adjustable removal process of dirt and residues on pipettes:

Removal of dirt process on pipettes:

1. Disassembly of the dripper sleeve:

Gently hold the dripper, insert the tool that comes with the manual pipette, lock the mechanism, carefully loosen the dripper, and remove the dripper and dripper syringe sleeve.

2. Disassembly of the dripper cone:

  • Using the tool provided with the manual pipette, like a Single-channel adjustable pipette carefully loosen the dripper cone counterclockwise with the end of the wrench;
  • And for 5 mL manual pipettes, carefully unscrew the dripper cone counterclockwise by hand.

3. Disassembly of various parts:

  • Remove the dripper cone, the piston of the oil suction cylinder, and the spring.
  • Soak and sterilize the removed parts:
  • Place the dripper cone, dripper syringe, dripper syringe ring, suction cylinder piston, O-ring, and spring in a beaker with sanitizer for at least 30 minutes.
  • Wipe the removed parts dry:
  • Remove the dripper cone, dripper syringe ferrule, and suction barrel piston from the beaker, rinse repeatedly with distilled water, then wipe dry, then blow dry with hot air for at least 1 hour.
  • Maintenance and installation of various parts:
  • According to the requirements of the operation manual, re-lubricate the piston of the oil suction cylinder, check other parts, and replace the wearing parts, such as replacing a new filter. Follow the above steps in reverse to reassemble and restore the electronic pipette.
  • After cleaning and sterilizing the adjustable pipettes, as usual, check the O-ring for possible wear at least six times.
  • And if necessary, should replace at the same time, after which calibrated the electronic pipette.

Adjustable pipettes use:

  • Adjustable pipettes used are measuring tool that transfers liquid from one container to another within a certain range.
  • Because of its simple basic structure and convenient use, often used in biology, chemistry, clinical laboratories, and other fields.

The tip is mainly for controlling the depth and angle of suction:

  • Requirements for the immersion depth of the tip: the depth of suction should ensure that reached the required pipetting volume;
  • And the outer wall of the tip should contact the liquid as little as possible.
  • The angle of pipetting: During the process of pipetting, the pipette must keep in a vertical state.

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