How to Install and Usage Pipette Tips

A complete pipetting cycle, including the steps of pipette tips installation – volume setting – suction and discharge – removal of tips. there are some steps that need to be followed.

300ul pipette tips pipette tips 1000ul

How to install pipette tip:

1. Install pipette tips

  • For single-channel pipettes, insert the tip of the pipette vertically into the pipette tip, and then turn it slightly left and right to tighten it;
  • For multi-channel pipettes, align the channel of the pipette with the tips, insert it obliquely, and shake it back and forth to tighten it;
  • Make sure the airtightness of the tip, does not impact the pipette.

2. Capacity setting

  • Turn it counterclockwise to the scale to adjust from a large volume to a small volume;
  • When adjusting from a small volume to a large volume, you can first adjust the set volume clockwise, and then return to the set volume, which can ensure accuracy.
  • Do not turn the adjustment knob out of the range, otherwise, it will damage the mechanical device in the pipette.

3. Aspiration and discharge

  • Press the lab pipette tips button to the position, release the button, and perform aspiration.
  • Remember not to be too fast, otherwise, the liquid will enter the tip too fast, and suck the pipette.
  • The liquid is close to the wall of the container, first press the first gear, pause for a while, and then press the second gear to remove the remaining liquid.

4. Vertical suction.

  • For 5 and 10ul pipettes tips, immersed the tip  in the liquid surface for 5mm, slowly suck the liquid,
  • After reaching the ideal volume, leave the liquid surface unless pause under the liquid surface for seconds
  • When sucking volatile liquid, it is necessary to rinse the suction head 4-6 times to make the steam in the sleeve chamber saturated, which can avoid liquid leakage.

Correct placement of the pipette and pipette tip:

  • After pipette tips use, you can hang it upright on the pipette holder, but not drop it.
  • Do not put the pipette horizontally or upside down, so as to avoid the liquid from flowing back and corroding the piston spring.
  • If not in use, adjust the range of the pipette to a large scale, so that the spring is in a relaxed state to protect the spring

Common mistakes of disposable pipette tips use:

  • When assembling the disposable pipette tips use, repeatedly hitting the tip makes it difficult to remove the tip and even damages the pipette.
  •  When aspirating liquid, tilted the pipette, resulting in inaccurate pipetting, and the liquid can easily enter the pipette handle.
  • When aspirating liquid, releasing the thumb quickly will force the liquid to form a turbulent state, and the liquid will directly rush into the inside of the pipette.
  • Press directly to the second gear to aspirate (should follow the standard method above).
  • Use a large-scale pipette to remove small-volume samples (selected a pipette with a suitable range).
  • Lay the pipette with the residual liquid tip flat ( hung on the pipette rack).

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