How to Clean Cell Culture Consumables

Cell culture refers to taking out tissues from living animals and incubating them under specific in vivo conditions such as simulating the physiological environment in vivo to make them survive and grow.  As an aseptic technique, the cell culture process must be completed with the help of various cell culture consumables.

The cell culture consumable used in the experiment are in the following categories:

1. cell culture glass consumable:

Petri dish cell culture, drip bottles, graduated straws, centrifuge tubes, culture flasks, beakers, measuring cylinders, and conical flasks;

2. cell culture plastics consumable:

Multi-well culture plates, culture dishes, and culture flasks;

Therefore, should clean newly used and reused cell culture lab equipment consumables But how do clean cell culture consumables, and what are the steps?

The cleaning of the cell culture consumable follows these steps:

96-well-cell-culture-plate t75 cell culture flask

Method one of cleaning cell culture consumables:

  • After the experiment finishes, soak the plastic cell flask, Petri plate,multi-well culture plate, etc. in clean water for more than 6-8 hours. If there is a large attachment,  rinse it off with running water, and then soak it in clean water.
  • Take out the plastic cell culture flask, petri dish cell culture, etc. soaked in clean water. After a brief rinse with tap water, soak them in a 2% NaOH solution overnight.
  • Put on plastic gloves to take out the items soaked overnight, rinse with tap water 8-10 times, and soak with 2%-5% hydrochloric acid solution for 15-30 minutes.
  • After removing the vessel from the hydrochloric acid, rinse it with tap water several times, and then rinse it with triple distilled water 5 to 6 times. Pour off the residual water in the vessel and place it in an incubator at 37°C to dry.
  • Irradiate under UV light for more than 3 hours. After irradiation, store aseptically in a locker. Disposable 3D Cell Culture Instrument RCCS-D All heat-resistant plastic containers are autoclaved at 101.3 kPa (121.3 °C).
  • It should be noted that when plastic cell culture lab equipment consumables are sterilized under ultraviolet light, the stopper and lid of the container should be opened
  • And the sterilized items cannot be stacked on each other so that the sterilized part is fully exposed to the ultraviolet light and achieves a good sterilization effect.

 Method two of cleaning cell culture consumables:

  • Immerse plastic cell flasks, Petri dishes, multi-well culture plates, etc. in clean water for long hours after the experiment. If there are large attachments left, you can wipe them off with absorbent cotton first, then rinse them with running water and soak them in clean water.
  • Rinsing them several times with tap water, and then pour off the residual water in the utensils, and place them to dry.
  • After sterilizing, place it in the box


The preparation of cell culture consumables is the first step in cell culture work. Staff should pay attention to disinfection when using consumables to avoid contamination and affecting the normal growth of cells and the result of experiments.

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